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  1. The point I’m trying to drive home is that these tiny bullet sparks don’t appear to significantly improve accuracy over the course of these matches. It hasn’t been proven to me that this can build effective muscle memory for players to better lead their shots, because the pattern is not nearly as apparent as you make it out to be. There could be a number of reasons why these pros suddenly manage to get back on target after repeatedly missing their shots, including Cursed Lemon’s previous comment about how players “get into a ‘zone’ where they're consistently doming people,” and not because of sheer skill. He even admits the magnum’s spread is “effectively the same” as MCC, which is already a red flag. This is why your argument that it is “designed in a way to make it difficult for one to hit 3sks” is misleading at best; the mechanics that make the magnum hard to get efficient kills with are almost random in practice and can’t be consistently mitigated, unlike CS’s static spray patterns. Back to my original point, if the concept of leading your targets and the added difficulty that bullet sway adds to projectiles was so intuitive, why are there no videos that analyze this? I’ve seen Hard Way’s basic explanation of leading your shots in his basic weapons guide, but no one here or on YouTube has demonstrated anything regarding how much you have to account for leading based on your movement.
  2. If bullet sparks were actually a useful guide to leading in CE, there shouldn’t be so many encounters where enemies are dumping more than half the clip of the magnum into each other without anyone dying. Can you show me some gameplay where magnum kills are exclusively featured, in which players can consistently get 3SKs (or at least use less than half their clip) to kill others without any assistance, such as explosives or teammates?
  3. Well, unlike regular precision weapons that use projectile, the sentinel beam could possibly utilize projectiles extremely well due to the instant feedback regarding where your beam hits. The CE magnum and H3 BR both suffer from the fact that their bullets cannot be tracked in real time, so the only practical information you get from how much you should be leading your target is whether your enemy’s shields flare up or pop. No real feedback that actually helps you become better at leading without having to guess how far you should aim ahead of your target. With the sentinel beam, ideally you can directly track where your projectiles are heading (like the plasma rifle and other covenant weapons), and it would allow you to adjust your aim with 100% certainty on how far your reticule should be placed. As to whether that takes more skill, I’d argue that’s nothing more than personal preference.
  4. Sentinel beam is a good start. Probably the only skillful auto that exists.
  5. Literally every other starting precision weapon in Halo has more spread than the H5 magnum. Are you telling me that hitscan is the dealbreaker rather than random bullet deviation?
  6. What makes scoped battles with descope interesting? All you’re doing is encouraging the 1st shot advantage, since players who are descoped have a harder time remaining on target than players who are scoped because of the increased aim assist. The context of this is Halo as a console shooter. Few people on console are going to stay on target at longer distances where not only is there no aim assist, but the target remains smaller and thus forces even greater adjustments to retain accuracy. For those few people who have that skill, why do you want to stifle their abilities with projectiles?
  7. Why not just remove the ability to scope in with any weapon (besides the sniper) after already limiting RRR while retaining hit-scan?
  8. Good to see that H5 has the most consistent starting weapon in all of Halo.
  9. Favyn’s new video can basically be summarized in one quote: “It is important that we understand that style will only work if the burden of innovation is adequately accounted for in the other aspects of the game.” It’s not necessarily innovation that’s important, it’s optimization. Everything that should be done to improve the gameplay (including the overall sandbox, map design, and movement) can be found in classic halo, even if those games could’ve been improved. Unfortunately, there has been no positive outcome in 343’s attempt to either recreate or even remaster the original games with classic gameplay. One thing’s for sure; the beta will once again be a crucial period in which we see how 343 incorporates our feedback in Halo: Infinite, for better or worse.
  10. Postums wants Halo 3/4 forge map submissions for the MCC community playlist. In case you happen to know anyone who would be interested. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/92b5c5cfee994e7299608301a6b2eb11/topics/mcc-community-playlist-map-submissions/a54c6229-4fff-4831-ae28-ad48b6bfa80a/posts
  11. How does it feel better? Haven’t been following the opinions of people who’ve played the insider build.
  12. Butters would be the perfect replacement. Absolutely no flaws. /s in case anyone took my first post seriously.
  13. Are you sure that ruleset doesn’t apply only to the new map Refuge and is a completely universal change?
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