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  1. Those EG jerseys are so sick - definitely need to get my hands on one!
  2. Man this is the halo I missed, the intensity of that game was unreal and it was only game 1! #WEBACK
  3. What is the whole ninjas gf and T2 talk? Just random troll talk on twitch or has something actually happened?
  4. Walshy looking all smart in his shirt and tie!
  5. So today I got my first ever overkill extermination on halo CE. I'm meant to be studying but after that there's no chance haha!
  6. So yeah I finally get in a game - halo 3 on snowbound, I pick up the spartan laser and get a 3 for 1 laser. Totally off topic but I nearly **** my pants when it happened.
  7. Will there be videos of the games uploaded to the beyond youtube page again? I am unfortunately missing the full thing due to work and will not be able to catch any of it.
  8. Gamertag: Maaair Customs/MM: Both Region:UK, Scotland
  9. Gamertag: Maaair Customs/MM:Both Region: UK, Scotland Where my UK guys at
  10. Well I'm definitely getting it legally, definitely no funny business about it. I got skyrim from the same shop a few days early as well. With my internet right enough it will probably take me until the 11th to actually install haha.
  11. Anyone getting their hands on the physical copy early? Meaning before the 11th? I'm looking at getting the game on the 8th from a shop in the UK!
  12. Yeah I just realised what it was, I basically lost connection and it reset. This is going to be annoying since my connection is pretty poor and very prone to losing connection.
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