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  1. F/A looking for a To3 or would like to start a team with free agents. GT - Perfect Demise Pos - Mix of OBJ and Slayer Exp - 1 HCS season 1 tournament + PGL Singles Hit me up on XBL or Twitter @PerfectDemise
  2. GT - Perfect Demise Got some experience in some PGL + an HCS tournament. Usually play obj but willing to do other positions too. HMU on Xbox or Twitter @PerfctDemise
  3. Here's a video I finished making today! Come check out the HBL 2k15 Pre-season Highlight video here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BWukq3loqdQ
  4. That's not our video nor is it our players. We do have a small simple set of rules and that's it. Ours is different from the video.
  5. Everyone please! If interested in the HBL contact me on XBL my GT is Perfect Demise! Or HMU on twitter @PerfectDemise!
  6. Ours is pretty much that same court but with some tweaks to make the game more realistic! Come check it out!
  7. Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter @HBL_Basketball !!!
  8. Hello! I'm Perfect Demise, admin for the HBL (Halo Basketball League) We have recently started signups for a Halo basketball pro draft league! So far we gotten enough players for 6 teams, but we would like more! Interested? Message me (Perfect Demise) , II got3nks II , or Mikee0085 on XBL! We are constantly playing basketball customs every night! Hit us up if you're interested! So how does this work? Well here's a breakdown! -Game- 3v3 Using swords only Played on H2A -Rosters- 3 starters and 1 backup = 4 man rosters per team -Draft- Captains will apply to choose their own team via draft. Because this is the 1st season. Captain order will be from worst to best and will be serpentine. -Prize?- Yes there will be a prize awarded towards the champions. How much or what the prize is has not been chosen yet. -How to signup?- Message one of the admins about signing up. Admins consist of me (Perfect Demise) II got3nks II and Mikee0085 on XBL Thanks for reading and hope to bring more halo basketball players into the league!
  9. Chill guy looking for a team to compete in HCS. Exp: 1 HCS online tournament + some PGL singles Contact me on Twitter or XBL Twitter: @PerfectDemise XBL: Perfect Demise
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