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  1. Looking for a Doubles Teammate for the UGC Atlantic City 2v2 Halo 5 Tournament! Please: Be able to take a loss and turn it into a win. Play at a Doubles Champion level or Onyx level in Team Arena. Have a positive K/D & good map awareness. Know when to challenge/push and most importantly, know when to live! Feel free to DM me or reply with your gamertag.
  2. You want someone who is chill, but you also want to compete? Good luck with that. There is no chill when it comes to competing...
  3. I'm looking for a Doubles partner and eventually three teammates to run HCS that have an All-time top CSR of at least Onyx 1700. Hopefully one that doesn't worry about their own K/D too much, but still has an overall positive K/D and cares more about the end goal, which is that W! Obviously someone that has a headset and actually uses it. Note: Know when to challenge/push and most importantly, know when to live! Be positive! Have map awareness and be in the NA region. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hey, killtrocity, I'm dedicated and would most definitely welcome any feedback given as long as it is constructive. If you would like to run some games, let me know.
  5. My All-time Top CSR meets your requirements. I'm a good slayer. I am willing to practice a lot and I obviously want to compete. Let me know if you are still imterested.
  6. I'm interested, if you are still looking for a playet. I'm not going to UGC St. Louis since it's such short notice, but I can try and make it happen. Let me know what you think.

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