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  1. Titanfall and the Competitive Community by: Boxing Beats With Titanfall being the biggest game on the Next-Gen and even Current Gen Xbox Consoles right now. It's safe to say that Respawn has definitely been thinking about jumping into the Competitive Scene. Especially after hearing what they said at PAX East. Now if Respawn actually does what they've stated, then there is NO DOUBT that Titanfall will become one of the biggest Competitive Games to hit the scene since Halo 2. I feel that if we as a Community can influence what Respawn does from a Competitive Stance to Titanfall, and they take what we have experienced from past competitive titles and keep some things the same, and make others better, then I have A LOT of confidence and respect for Respawn as a company for this game title. Below, I have listed what I feel should be implemented into the Competitive side of Titanfall. Including Present Playlists, to Future Ranking Systems and Gametypes. Loadouts Weapons, Attachments, Tactical Abilities, Ordnance, and Tier Kits Pilot Loadouts: Allowed Primary Weapons: R-101C Carbine, R-97 Compact SMG, Longbow Sniper, G2A4 Rifle, Hemlok BF-R, C.A.R SMG Allowed Sidearms: RE-45 Auto Pistol, Hammond P2011, B3 Wingman Allowed Anti-Titan Weapons: Charge Rifle, Mag Launcher, Sidewinder, Archer Heavy Rocket --- Tactical Abilities: Cloak and Stim --- Ordnances: Frag Grenade, Arc Grenade, Satchel Charge, Arc Mine --- Tier 1 and 2 Kits: All Tier 1 and 2 Kits Allowed --- Titan Loadouts: Chassis: All Chassis Allowed --- Allowed Primary Weapons: 40mm Cannon, Quad Rocket, X0-16 Chaingun, Arc Cannon, Triple Threat --- Tactical Abilities: Vortex Shield, Particle Wall --- Ordnances: All Ordnances Allowed --- Tier 1 & 2 Kits: Tier 1 Kit: Nuclear Ejection, Fast Autoloader, Dash Quickcharger, Tactical Reactor Tier 2 Kit: Auto Eject, Core Extender, Big Punch, Core Accelerator --- Burn Cards: Allowed Burn Cards: Double Agent, Smuggled Stimulant,Prosthetic Legs, Active Camo, Adrenaline Transfusion, ALL AMPED WEAPONS (That are not Disqualified from use in Competitive), Decisive Action, Map Hack, Massive Payload, Packet Sniffer, Rematch, Reserve Ogre, Atlas Refurb, Satellite Uplink, Spare Stryder, Spider Sense --- Maps: *Fracture: Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, CTF - Nexus: Hardpoint, CTF - Airbase: CTF - *Corporate: Hardpoint, CTF, Pilot Hunter - Boneyard: Hardpoint, CTF - *Angel City: Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, CTF - *Smuggler's Cove: Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, CTF - *Rise: Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, CTF - *Relic: Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, CTF - Colony: Hardpoint, CTF --- Current Gametypes: Hardpoint: Capture and Defend all the points on the map. Team with the highest score before time runs out, wins. - Capture the Flag: Capture the Enemy Flag. First team to 6 Caps, wins. Switch Sides at Halftime - Pilot Hunter (Team Deathmatch): Kill as many Enemy Pilots as you can. First team to 75 wins. --- Future Gametypes: Ricochet: A gametype very similar to the current game in Halo 4. - Search and Destroy: 2 Bombs, One Team Defends, One Team Plants. One Life per Round. - Neutral Bomb: 2 Teams. One Bomb. Chronological Plant Sites. First Team to 5 Wins - Oddball: Hold the Ball for as long as possible. First Team to 200 Wins - Hitman: Protect your VIP and get him to the Enemy Base to Capture the Tag. First team to 6 caps Wins. Switch Sides at Halftime --- Ranked Playlist: I feel Ranked Playlists are a good starting point for a Competitive Game. A testing pool of sorts to see how many people want that competitive feel to a game. If Titanfall had a Ranked Playlist with all the above listed Gametypes, I feel it would add to the Titanfall Community. This playlist should have a separate system than the casual gaming playlist. All ranks should be visible next to the players Gamertag. The highest rank should be a 50 (NO Prestiging to the Next Generation) The Ranks should go as follows: -- Winning: If you win a game, you earn XP towards the next Rank. Losing: If you lose a game, you lose XP and move further from the next Rank Pairing: The Online System pairs you with people around your skill level. If you are a Rank 35, you get paired with Ranks 30-40
  2. Nice Header!! Looks Clean and Sexy, and Describes the Article Before you Even Start Reading.
  3. Oh You Guys! Stop It, You Are Making Me Blush!! I Designed My Map Completely Around Ricochet. Encompassing the Arena Feel, the Throws, The Flow, The Routes, The Lines of Sight. Everything I Put Into this Map was Specifically Designed for Ricochet. But I Also Made it Compatible with Other Gametypes that also Play Well. But, As You Guys Were Saying. I Too Wish for my Map to Stay In Matchmaking after the Community Playlist is Over. But, I Have Some Stiff Competition to Handle. So Who Knows.
  4. I chose to put the window there because it makes the flow towards ball spawn easier, instead of having to go all the way around the wall, or jumping down bottom mid to risk staying alive. You have a better chance of living if you have more options. Rule that I've always remembered. **3 Entrances to Every Spot on the Map.** But the reasoning for the goals being how they are, if i made it harder to score throwing it from the sides, it would be next to impossible to throw the ball in. Especially with someone playing defense the whole time. So the occasional toss from Mid Left or Mid Right for 20 Points is nothing compared to the Stale Mate that would occur if you couldn't make that throw.
  5. FIRESTONE By: Boxing Beats Firestone had over 120 Downloads Before I Updated it, so for Everyone Who Was Asking for Updates, Here They Are!! Firestone is a Symmetrical 90 Degree LoS Competitive Map Designed for Ricochet, Capture the Flag, Oddball, King of the Hill, and Slayer. It Features 3 Distinctive Streets to Both Sides of the Map, an Underpass, Overshield, and a Railgun. There are 4 Routes to Bottom Mid, 3 Routes to Each Side, a Window Top Mid for Ease of Movement Across the Map, and Numerous Jumps to Different Parts of the Map. All These Changes Were Added After Contemplating Feedback From the Community. The Updated Version is in My FileShare for Download and is Ready to Play Most Gametypes. Changes Made I made Several Changes to the Map, Which Include: More Routes To Bottom Mid- I was told by numerous people that the 2 routes to bottom mid through the underpass was not enough and made it near impossible to stay alive if you were down there. So, in response, I added 2 more routes to bottom mid, making it easier to move around down there and makes the flow of the map better. I also added some extra cover. Railgun Window at Top Mid- I created a window at top mid to make the map easier to navigate. Because if you want to get to the Ball Spawn, you would have to walk all the way around the map or go through the underpass. So I added the window for better flow and navigation. Ease of Movement Jumps- I also added several jumps to get you from point A to point B. Some of these jumps include. Overshield Courtyard to Overshield. Left Ball to Half Bridge. Right Ball to Half Bridge. Railgun Courtyard to Railgun. Right Ball to Railgun. Left Ball to Overshield. Sniper to Railgun- After some feedback regarding the Sniper being unneeded for a small competitive map like Firestone, I exchanged the Sniper for a Railgun because I feel it suits the map better. Moved Weapons- I moved and added some weapons. I moved the BR on Red Spawn across to Right Corner and Switched it with a Carbine. Same with the Blue Spawn. I placed a Shotgun in both spawns, in front of the Pillars. I also added some Grenades. Removed Some Railings- To add more flow to the map, I took out some unneeded Railings after receiving complaints about how stupid they were. These Railings were located to the Right and Left of Blue and Red Courtyards. Cleaned It Up- I Cleaned up the map by using 3x3 Blocks to add smoothness to the map. And used Artifact pieces for ramps up to Top Mid. This Map is in My FileShare for Download. So give it a DL and play a couple customs on it. Let me know what you think.
  6. Post Your GT and Games Played Here if you are From or Live In SC! I Live in Columbia, SC and Play Everyday on Halo 4! GT: Boxing Beats
  7. I am from Marion County, East Fairmont! But I Currently Live in Columbia, SC! GT: Boxing Beats
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