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  1. Private message me bro!! Can you travel to LANs?
  2. You EU bro as we are LF1?
  3. Im on all day today if anyone wants to run customs or MM! add my tag Bulldog Lunatic
  4. Hey myself and Michael " Wolfy" Wolfenden are coming back to halo to compete moving over from CoD. We both played Halo 3 and a little reach under the tags of Posiden and Lunatic. Today we are announcing that we are returning to the game we love and enjoy the most. We are now looking to come in and take this game very seriously and make a strong impact on the scene. We know we are coming in very late but we have raw talent and looking for 2 more players to make a new solid 4! Roster - Vibe Wolfy TBA TBA What we are looking for - We are not the best players we know that but we are dedicated and willing to put in the hours to get positive results. We need 2 players with the same dedication and ambition of reaching the top as we have this is a must. If you are the sort of player to leave after losing 1 scrim then please don't message us losing is learning and it will take a lot of losing to get them future Ws. This is a long term plan for this team to make the top. If LANs do pop up we will be attending them all so must be able to travel. You must be available for online events and tournament's weekly. We both listen to constructive criticism well and we expect the same from the 2 players we pick up. Schedule - We try and get on most evening from 6/7pm all night and weekend so please make sure your practice time can commit with ours. Contact Details - Skype - darylglover GT's - Bulldog Lunatic or WolfyM93 If your willing to grind and put in some serious hours to reach the top please get in touch and we can sort out running games! Thank you and hope to hear from you FAs SOON!
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    That would be awesome mate thank you!!
  6. Vibeee


    Hey guys I'm Vibe and now finally making the full move over from CoD to Halo to compete. Halo 3 i competed in with reach in the past and after watching Halo 5 i miss Halo and now looking to grind and compete with the best! Will be looking for a team when i have played abit more! This will be a long hard task to reach the top but one im up for! Add me to play Bulldog Lunatic

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