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  1. And Ambush as a whole winning the 2v2's. It's awesome that Ola is still the Wizard.
  2. Mishawaka/SouthBend area Halo/Blackops gamertag is my name.
  3. Dedicated servers means that the company (343) provides the servers you play on instead of the clients (players) having one of the members of the match as host and the rest of the players connecting to them. Basically, it means that host advantage is out the window and gameplay online should be smoother and closer to equal/fair.
  4. 499$ not as bad as I thought it'd be.
  5. I like my button mashing games with my own button mashing not being told to mash certain buttons. Reminded me of the good old days of the LoTR games.
  6. It's not being mean when you not only get goosed, but also only get one kill in an eleven game series scrim. That just shouldn't happen.
  7. In response to my earlier comment: Carbine no longer shoots jelly and OH MY GOD THE LIGHT RIFLE SHOOTS FAST ZOOMED IN! Of course the BR feels more smooth. Didn't notice anything with auto's, but I didn't take an extra effort to start with them in loadouts or to pick them up like the carbine LF. I did actually notice the SAW killing quicker as noted in the bulletin. Maybe it's just coincidental, but it felt like the sniper was spot on today because I was ripping faces compared to usual. May have just been a good day of Halo.
  8. I'm NDominator. I've been watching/paying attention to the competitive community since 05/06 and played in a few online tournaments, but haven't been to an event yet. I'm really digging the site, 4sk settings are dreamy to play on, and I'm glad that Haloisnotdad.
  9. I was pumped for Carbine starts again. Then the Carbine shot jellybeans. Hopefully they'll shoot green streaks of death again.
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