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  1. Looking for fellow mm grinders that communicate. Gt:Kevinfatbuds
  2. Why are the seasons so much shorter than they used to be? Last season didnt even give time for good narrative to build. Btw I'm really looking for people to roll mm with as well as possibly team forming. Gt: Kevinfatbuds. Looking for fellow grinders
  3. Looking for a few people to run customs with tomorrow night. I have a small LAN set up and some buddies at their own spots that are dedicated to playing from about 6pm eastern until 2-3a. dankGoing to be running a lot of throwback maps. Guardian, midship, lockout, sanctuary, the pit, narrows, ivory tower etc. we will need about 2-3 extras from time to time throughout the night. If anyone can commit to a decent block of that time that would be great. dankGt: Kevinfatbuds. dankGood mix of guys. Some good others not but should make for fun games
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