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  1. 3-4 pages of this forum getting so angry about this tweet. Huh, you guys were completely wrong but that will be glossed over because today begins a new search for some reason to hate 343 and Halo. I think 343 is passionate about the game and I like them as well. If you've watched any of the vlogs and you seriously think those guys don't care about Halo you really can't be helped. Looking at all the other shitstorms of developers/communities out there right now I'd take a passionate group of people anyday to handle the IP I love. At least they picked up the game we love and are trying to keep it going so it didn't fade off to black. Halo 5 was the closest thing I've had to the Halo 1 magnum that I spent my freshman year of college playing with, that trumps most. I'm 148 in H5 and I still play it today, I'm not everyone but there are some of us out there who still love playing this game and do not wish death and everlong criticisms against 343.
  2. Yea, Naventic had the Australian HOTS team but they just released the roster. Interesting to see them go straight to Halo.
  3. This is entirely missing my point and reading way too far into my post but at this point I really don't care. You pick and chose select Team Beyond Posts? Yea because that is the same thing as getting HCS Twitter to give shout outs to TeamBeyond as a whole. There are plenty informative, supportive, and all around great "posts" here on the forum but it certainly isn't obvious for anyone outside this circle to see without some serious digging, especially lately. Its like "go check out this awesome post on TeamBeyond - but only look at this link and don't go exploring or you will see exactly how much hate there is in that place for us!" .
  4. Just trying to be real but ESL/343 would never retweet or promote TeamBeyond when so much content and discussion on here is directly negative of them. Not saying they don't deserve it but that is like Walmart retweeting GlassDoor reviews of how they club baby seals on the weekends. If you really want them to consider this place a partner the messaging, tones, and discussion need to get way more professional.
  5. I've mentioned this in other comments but I also live on the east coast and have a NetDuma router which allows me to do geo-filtering. This means if H5 wants to put me on a west coast server the router will drop the connection and in-game I will get the message "there was a problem with the dedicated server" during the count-down process. With that said, I've had MANY instances where I am connected to a server very close to myself, like Virginia with a sub 10-20ms ping, but am in game with players from Colombia and other South American countries. During these games, even though I should have a huge network advantage, these foreign players move around like they are seconds ahead of me. I think there are very clear, inverse, results happening with the way H5 is network coded to work with the dedicated servers. It is very much as if the server takes the highest ping and interpolates that to the connection of every for the "fairest" game. This is all personal observation but it is like clockwork that anytime I am playing on a nearby server to myself, with foreign players, they are landing 5 shots quicker than I can and easily hitting me mid-thrusts and getting bizarre melees. I have no clue how/what it feels like on West Coast but heavy-aim is absurdly apparent for me as is this netcode mess mentioned above. I've headcased over all this to an embarrassing extent and pretty much backed off to only playing H5 for about an hour a week these days because of it. If I play with my friend, who lives in Texas, he is no impacted by heavy-aim near as often as I am and I'm not sure if that is because of his physical location or not but it seems to have some correlation to me.
  6. I'm sorry you guys haven't had a great stream but the atmosphere and environment here at Dreamhack is top notch. The turnout and population here of people watching and getting hyped for Halo is crazy. If you really cared that much about the scene you would have attended the best event/venue for H5 in the last few years rather than sit here and get erections every time the stream has a blip or issue so you can immediately come here and get rep points for seeing who makes the best meme about it.
  7. Have you played a custom game on PC with a controller? its not even remotely close to how the game feels on console...I'm no pro but I've played enough H5 to be able to tell in the first 30 seconds of a game on console if the aiming is going to be shit that game. Its never that way on the PC...any server...any map...any amount of people.
  8. I pretty much replied to Sketch on reddit a few weeks back directly stating this and he dismissed it mostly. I mentioned how the console aiming still feels nothing like PC aiming with a controller (feels perfect really) and he said that didn't like up with the feedback he had heard from pros and prominent players in the scene. I know that to be false because Lethal and Snakebite commented on day 1 or 2 of the patch that while it felt better it certainly did not compare to how fluid it feels on PC. FeelsBadMan
  9. I absolutely have more issues now with hit registration/ghost bullets than ever before. I really think there are some inherent problems with the H5 multiplayer netcode at this point. I am embarrassed at the number of times I die now because I reload after a clear headshot that simply doesn't register. Using a net duma router I can force my connection to nearby datacenter servers in the US yet I still play against people from Columbia and Brazil who appear, in game, as if they are hosting the server from their basement. It is almost like the servers see who has the worst connection and then cater to that person as sort of a least common denomenator. Seriously, next time you come up against someone who clearly appears to shoot/move faster than you check their profile - in almost all cases they are foreign to the US and yet I'm connecting to a server with 20 ms latency. Makes no sense.
  10. For anyone just wanting to take a break or try something new....check out the HGC Mid Season Brawl playoff/championship rounds starting tomorrow morning. Its from Dreamhack Sweden. They have a phenomenal tournament setup, amazing casters from all over the world, and perfect production. Really has been a treat as a general esport fan. Can find out more here. Both our NA representing teams start as early as 7am EDT tomorrow morning and start off in the losers-bracket since they took the 3rd-4th seeds during the group rounds last week. http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/schedule
  11. If you are down for something new, try this sens out and let me know what you think. I feel it to be a better/new version of 1,5,5. 1.5 / 5 / 1 / 3 / 0 (3 inner).
  12. Anyone been playing a lot recently and have adjusted settings? I was on 4/3 for awhile then got off track messing with it and now trying to get back into 4/3 but it feels awful all of a sudden. This game is torture for a brain like mine... I still have games where aiming feels natural and smooth and then games where I just windmill on any target with an elevation difference out of nowhere.
  13. You really never had hit detection problems on Destiny? Lol...are you sure? P2P....for 3 years the entire subreddit and forums complained about the horrible hit detection and ghost bullets and health bars not moving. People with bad connections had a far superior advantage for 2 years before Bungie even implemented their "lag referee" that ultimately did not do shit. This Destiny nut huggery is awful when you clearly choose to ignore the rampant problems it had and why the entire competitive side of the game was a joke and only got WORSE over the course of 3 years and multiple balances.
  14. Yea I settled back on 4/3 and I have to say once you grind out some games it does feel as good as its felt since I can remember. I wish I could turn off my settings page so I won't even be tempted to change it to anything else.
  15. but... but i was starting to believe in 4,2,0,7... lol. Let me know your thoughts on 4,4 post patch as it relates to 4,2 pre patch. Honestly, I added 7% inner deadzone yesterday to go with 7% outer and the inner deadzone felt more consistant for me. Switch it from 0 to 7 in game showed a huge difference
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