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  1. Gamertag: Hopkiiins Twitter: Hopkiiins I'm a free agent looking for a team to compete in the online open qualifiers on the weekends. I have no LAN event history but i played in about half of the open qualifiers last season with a pickup team. I'm down to be a sub if anyone needs one one weekend just dm me on twitter or message me on xbox and if I'm available, which on rare occasions i am not, I will be down to fill in. I can play every single day around 3-10 pm EST and was around an onyx 2200 last season in team arena solo-queuing my entire way there XD Anyway if your down to run some games or have a spot open just hit me up on twitter or on xbox and i'll most likely be down to join. Please only serious offers.
  2. Gamertag: Hopkiiins Just contact me on Xbox if you want me to tryout or something. I have plenty of time to play every week and I am a mid onyx arena player (which doesnt really mean anything but whatever) and ive competed in the first couple PGL Open Tournaments on the weekends. Just msg me on Xbox if you want to team up or just run some games. I also have a friend who may be interested in teaming unless he finds a different team first.
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