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  1. Damn can't even read the scores or names. They couldn't go out and get a couple of cheap tv's or something? Sheesh
  2. Would have been smart to put optic first or second match on main. Start off the broadcast with strong viewership.
  3. If it wasn't 2am this LCQ could likely have 8-10k viewers but no millennial is west coast and that's where all the halo fans are. I hope the HCS doesn't work with them again.
  4. OT but new to TB, does anyone know how to change the time for the site? Mine says it's like 5am and I can't figure out how to fix it.
  5. What just happened they had 4 dead twice and didn't get the flag out
  6. I got so triggered no one around nest, he doesn't go for it and keeps getting one kill at a time while Splyce keeps racking up points. First post btw :p
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