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  1. Is there a VOD anywhere to watch last night's games? I'm only use to getting it on Twitch and they had some issues. And I'll have to miss NV stomp Optic for Kickball games tonight
  2. The vod won't have the games we missed from the lag out will it? Either way Splyce was amazing, top notch Halo right there. Shotzzy... he became a divine at some point. Curious how they'll age in the game.
  3. And it's not just halo. It seems like a 6 GB update is standard these days. I only play a few games and my terabyte is like 40% used up
  4. People who complain about Frosty T-bagging get stoned to death, but all this whining about Elumite dishing out some heat? Its all the same.
  5. Torque might be the single worst map out of any Halo game.
  6. I like H5 BTB but it needs some better maps and DEFINITELY 1 bomb and 1 flag. Those are my all time favorite gametypes.
  7. So completely change the game half way through it's life? I'm all for tweaks but let's keep it realistic.
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