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  1. Comes back? I never left. Wish I had something of substance to add to this thread. I'm kind of sketched to start browsing Emma Watson images on my work machine with passerbys looking over my shoulder. I'm hyped for 2017. The roadmap and plans announced so far all feel like positives to me (with my admittedly limited view). I understand the team is working closely behind the scenes with pros on updated settings, looking forward to those being revealed. I'm sure it's not going to make everyone happy but will surely be a positive step forward.
  2. Came for the HWC/HCS 2017 hype, stayed for the Emma memes. 10/10 will return again
  3. Interesting to interpret it as "top MM complaint" when the context outside of here was really "request." I was personally surprised to see "solo queue" related topics as the predominant answer on Reddit. On Waypoint it looked a little different. For perspective it's absolutely not my role or responsibility to be able to enact changes to matchmaking. Instead it's part of my job to make sure that the needs of the community - both at large and honestly even niches within - are being heard and socialized internally towards some kind of outcome. Ideally that outcome is what the audience wants though maybe it's not. In that case it's my job to try and flesh that out and foster a dialog so there's an understanding behind decisions and that fans don't feel simply ignored. We'll never please everyone all the time and as I've said elsewhere, the massive amounts of subtle variations and customizations Halo allows is a huge strength for the game just as it's a big challenge because it's harder and harder to define what the 'majority' of people really enjoy. I half expected 'classic settings' playlist to be #1 on the list of requests because I know it's something at least a very vocal group wants. Should we have it? As a relatively new person here my gut is that yeah, we should. I don't yet know why we don't but I truly hope we will add it and as long as core fans keep demanding it I will keep championing that discussion internally. It's easy for me to say that, weeks into this role, but I understand many have been asking for this for a year now to no avail. I see a lot of great, valid feedback here which is sweet. Of course I also see a ton of the same vitriol and negativity that this community has, for better or worse, become known for. I only want Halo to be as awesome and successful as possible which I think is what most here want as well or why bother expending the time and energy to continue fighting these battles. It's important for us (343) to not lose sight of the overall player base that Team Beyond represents even when it's a continued assault of negativity (though I think the personal attacks are out of line). Anyways, apologies for the semi on-topic / semi-off topic wall of text. I've been lurking around Team Beyond, and I feel like I have a really good grasp of what players here stand for and want, but I don't always seen avenues to personally engage.
  4. Hey just wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone who's recommended and pointed me here to Team Beyond. Took me a little bit to make my way here but I made it and look forward to adding Team Beyond to my community rotation. If anyone plans on stopping by HCS in Vegas this weekend come find me and say hi!
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