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  1. Do you need to be a skilled player to enjoy watching it or have opinions? Most of America watches football, despite the vast majority of them being unathletic and talentless. Does that mean they can't have opinions on the sport? Or are they only allowed to have positive opinions because they aren't talented enough?
  2. Hearthstone is still streaming from Dreamhack right this moment, so not likely.
  3. Isn't the best in the game available? Time to pick up Cratos.
  4. How long does it take to swap out a mixamp or some cables? Grab one from one of the other stations not in use. 10 minutes of casters not saying why the game was stopped, followed by a 6 minute countdown, then the be right back graphic with no times? Fuck off. Throw them on the featured station and let them finish this shit. Honestly feels like every event has more problems than the previous one.
  5. D1 wasn't really an "accuracy shooter" game as he's calling it. It was dominated by weapons that didn't really need headshots (shotguns for most of the meta), absurd aim assist, grenades, melees, and supers. The game was all about movement, positioning and playing around supers, not accuracy. And I've watched a few of his streams playing D1 PvP, he was pretty average even though he did pick it up only a few months ago. His other points are still valid though and are the reason I quit Destiny.
  6. Why is Oxygen Supremacy red? Didn't Splyce come through winners? The red/blue seeding that is being used in the HCS makes no sense to me at times.
  7. Yeah 8k. But it's also still pretty early in the day for most Halo fans. And Mothers Day Brunch time.
  8. My bad, misread what he was saying. Guess Showtime is on board with Str8Gate. This is all Frank's fault.
  9. Isn't it still Saturday? Why are elimination matches still being played off stream? We only have 5 full series remaining after this one. There's going to be like three series tomorrow at this rate.
  10. Probably because it's his and his brother's company that is running the event? People are pissed off at everyone involved. He's just the only one with enough balls to show up so it gets directed at him. Because the people who have more responsibility refuse to listen to any criticism.
  11. Literally every problem Halo esports has had, Destiny PvP has had worse. It's horribly balanced, weapons are randomized as a feature. Abilities are like Spartan Abilities on crack. Supers are essentially powerups but given for free. Radar covers like half the map, even if you're crouching. Aim assist is absurd. And the netcode is horrendous. I love Destiny as a casual PVP game, but it is not by any means a competitive shooter, even with all the sweat rules.
  12. My bad then. I gave up watching on Friday since it was so bad.
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