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  1. My team of 3 is looking for one more player to finish our team. We are three guys, two from norway and one from the UK. We have played together for a while now, and have had two different 4th players. We recently split with our 4th guy, and we are now looking for one player.Recuirements You have to know basic to intermediate level callouts, and have a decent mic You HAVE to be from Europe Need to be at least diamond, preferably high diamond or onyx. You need to be able to work as a team If you are an objective oriented players, then thats a big plus You need to play a few times a week You need to be able to stay positive while playing Send me a message here on the forums, or at my GT: Kikkaoui. We can play some games, and see how it goes!
  2. My EU to3 is looking for one! We are two guys from norway and one from the UK. Looking for high diamond-onyx players(we all had onyx last season). We recently dropped our 4th, so we havent been practicing as a team in a while. Contact me here, or on xbox: Kikkaoui.
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