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  1. We should run some competitive customs tonight! GT: Nader Hader
  2. have been wanting to get more serious about a team as I just went to my first event. Really want to start putting in meaningful time into the game. Been playing Halo all my life, very dedicated and experienced in game. Hype is what I'm all about! GT: Nader Hader
  3. Im trying to find some people who will play in the 4v4 at vegas.
  4. I am going to enter in the FFA but it wouldnt be the same if i dont enter the 4v4. So HMU
  5. Been playing halo all my life, Trying to go to vegas for my first event. I decided to commit late but I am down to compete in the 4v4 and try really hard. Just mainly trying to gain experience and memories! HMU. Im very serious and will dedicate all my energy to winning while still being realistic about the event. GT: Nader Hader
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