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  1. I was recently under contract but me and that organization decided to part ways with each other. I am a very solid player looking for a new home! I'd love to have a try out to prove my worth. I am 19 years old and I feel like I can have a long career in this industry. please message me on xbox or twitter handle for both is wretched009.
  2. Me and my brother are two players who are plat/diamond players who are very dedicated to getting better at the game and eventually becoming pro players. We want to start a team asap and start grinding the game and playing in some tournaments. Me and him truly see our selves playing in the hcs one day.but we need two more dedicated players, we are looking for players who take criticism well we all need to tell each other flaws so we can all improve on them. I look forward to hearing from anyone else who is as dedicated to H5 as we are. Thank you
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