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  1. looking for a solid t03 for atl im going 110%. GT sSnip3God
  2. we still need two so if your interested message me asap! GT: sSnip3God running games tonight!
  3. looking for two we have a org. hmu on xbl sSnip3God
  4. GamerTag: Snip3God HCS Live in Fort Walton Beach/ Mary Esther Area Former H2 FFA Pro H3 Semi and Pro Coach Hmu to lan sometime
  5. im looking for a solid to3 or even 3 people to start a team im a solid slyer/obj can play any role when needed. im a former H2 FFA Pro H3 Semi-Pro and a Former Pro Coach i have tons of event/lan exp iv attended about 24 MLG Events and 5 PGL Events if your interested Add me on XBL: Snip3God HCS or message on here
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