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  1. Looking for some locals to run games with! Send me a message on XBL or reply on here. Gt: Butler Supports
  2. With arguably the two best players being relatively new to halo( Huke and Frosty), are there any am's out there that are next in line to have a breakout year?
  3. thanks for the heads up, I well post there as well!
  4. Still need one more guys. Ill be on late tonight! about 7-8 pst anyone still interested add me and we can run a few tonight! Gt: Butler Supports
  5. Sorry I wasnt able to catch you. lets run some tonight!
  6. Bump.. Team pass purchased. Still 1 maybe 2 spots open.
  7. Just need a main slayer now.team is currently 17-19k onyx. 2 support slayers and 1 support/objective player. To2 with our third waiting until we have a decent 4th to commit 100%. Hit up on here or Xbl. Also must be chill, we don't rage.
  8. Bump. To2 now, 17/18k Onyx. Looking for 2 more players for the online qualification and 3 for st Louis (1 sub/coach). Keep in mind That the online qualifier for UGC starts in early/ mid January, so there really isn't much time left for practicing
  9. Literally any decent F/A going to ST. Louis. hit me up. not picky just want to compete.
  10. Added you. Ill be on tomorrow night to run on games
  11. Still trying to put a team together, if you plan on traveling to the first open tournament send me an invite! GT: Butler supports
  12. Looking to start a team! wasn't able to get it going in time for hcs vegas but do plan on traveling. Anyone in the washington area (with a mic that is) send me a fr and we can run some games. GT: Butler Supports
  13. Also I will not be personally attending this event. Normally I would coach (since I'm super rusty) which is why we need 5 players
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