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  1. Holy shit! Maybe if we had this feature in the Alabama MLG Forum then mods wouldn't have shut our page down twice haha.
  2. In person with a team from Bama. Forget the Super Bowl.
  3. Not sure but let's stick to the topic!
  4. I'v been searching but I cant find a major Chost event.
  5. If anyone is looking for a team of 2 add Catacus for Playlist and Customs.
  6. Add "Catacus" and "A Truetype" for Scrims. Looking for 2 for the UGC event. Located in North Alabama.
  7. 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios need to revamp Halo 2 like Annaversry. The best years of halo event wise were from H2 & H3.
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