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  1. going by the reviews for H2A, sprint is going to be necessary in order to get that extra .5 to 1 point out of that mircrosoft is going to want, sprint has become as ubiquitous with shooters as recharging health has, and i would wager that a large portion of those who are going to be playing H5 will never have played a shooter without it. The most we can hope for is balanced settings with sprint, which if we work together with 343 is certainly possible, upping base speed, and hopefully a toggle to turn it off (which i could see being implemented if the community and 343 cant balance it properly)
  2. only problem i see with the ranking system is there are some who have the skill level to hit the top tier but dont have the time. The system is going to "punish" people who cant dedicate their lives 24/7 to halo, and i think we need to find a way around that by giving that top tier a more permanent reward. in regards to the sandbox, i dont think its okay that were getting a new rocket launcher just because the old one doesnt fit with smart scope, its a classic damn it, find a way to make it work insted of changing it
  3. more often than not the community is better at making maps than the dev team. (i think this isnt due to incompetence of the dev team but just the fact that the more people make maps the more good maps get made). i dont think anyone here will argue against the fact than a lot of halo 3 forge maps are better then out of the box maps, and we have much more of a variety to work with now in terms of forge pallets thats something we have control over this time around however, halos rare in the fact that we arent immediately screwed if we get crap maps out the gate, (the past 3 games have proved this). is up to us to make good maps, and then for 343 to implement them
  4. CA is in full development of a new non halo shooter for next year, they almost assuredly dont have the resources. even if they were free, with the capability of forge this time around we really dont need more full remakes, just proper matchmaking implementation of quality forge maps
  5. yo bro can i get one, my gamestop code never came in
  6. We can only hope so also, the fact that there is a dedicated "pro" team is a VERY good sign we almost back?
  7. We will get a H2 remake tournament, even if it is just H2 maps and settings in H4
  8. i honestly think a lot of the dota and LOL players look down on fps in general, not just halo.
  9. don't even pretend that swords in h3 lone wolves wasnt the best, because it was Shout out to Steppen razor Seriously though, if they add no sprint and descope, are we back??????
  10. there also campaign matchmaking, im not sure what that means exactly, but its there
  11. anyone who has an x1 code i could really use it, sick of waiting while all my friends are playing pretty please???
  12. signed up for beta first hour- no code told friends about it two days later- the both get codes immediately-friends proceed to give me shit you cant fathom my rage right now, if some one has an extra lying around id be grateful
  13. I bet you that even if we get H2 settings in halo 4 mp, it will easily be more competitive than the new COD (I cant see Sledgehammer producing on a treyarch level on their first go).
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