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  1. will be a hell of a year if we get more LAN announcements as well that don't always have 20k prize pool.
  2. I hope the announcement at HCS NA Finals will be as good as the announcements CoD got today.
  3. CoD is getting a LAN league and is getting $4 million in prizing for 2017. The stuff MLG does is insane. Also just remember, this could've been Halo. EDIT: Apparently there's gonna be real announcements for CoD when PSX Invitational starts. That was just the beginning lol.
  4. For the next season I'm hoping that: - New maps will be added to the competitive rotation (maybe some remake maps or maps created just for esports purpose). - New game mode for competitive (something like: extraction, KoTH, Oddball). - Stasis CTF to be removed. - All bugs and glitches to be fixed. Eg. ghost melee. And also would like to see MLG get involved in Halo. MrAdamAp has been in the forums a lot lately. I wonder why? He seems very passionate about Halo. Halo possibly coming back to MLG? One can dream.
  5. OpTic, LG and now even EG aren't going? When are we gonna see an open LAN where every league team attends?
  6. H4 Global Championship had a lit crowd. I wish all events had a crowd like that.
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