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  1. Can someone let me know which series' Walshy and Gandhi casted together at the event?
  2. https://twitter.com/Moses_FPS/status/1084674117473845248?s=20
  3. Good interview, you can tell this guy is passionate about Halo.
  4. 360, and I'm pretty sure this CRT isn't HD.
  5. Anyone know why my latency would feel bad even though I'm playing on a CRT with game mode on? pls halp I just want to play Xbox at college
  6. A Star Is Born ResidentSleeper
  7. New Halo 5 skins: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/58b8518e005f432381ab99fbcaf931e0/topics/targetmaster-commendation/243587cf-8278-4752-9548-c797fea25a41/posts?page=1

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