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  1. Hello my gt is: ol Primitive lo. We are a to2 looking for two more to compete in the 2018 season. We are on usually everyday after 7pm pst Monday-Saturday becuz of school and work. We are dedicated and we make time in advance to scrim/practice. Little info about us. I'm ranked 1 in ffa in Las Vegas followed up with 10th in the world. We are high onyx-champion level players. We have both attended two of the millennial esports arena events in 2016 and 2017. We ranked top 20 in both events. If you are interested and have time to be on at least, 5-6 times a week hit us up. Ideally we would like high onyx to champion level players, but are willing to recruit diamonds depending on our chemistry.
  2. GT: ol Primitive lo hmu if interested onyx in HCS solo and have LAN exp went to the Las Vegas tourney last October and placed top 20 in 4v4s.unfortunately team disbanded. I'm also a champ in ffa and team slayer. I'm usually on in the mornings till 3 pm
  3. Messege me if interested. GT: ol Primitive lo I'm a halo champ in ffa and slayer and placed top 20 in Las Vegas LAN tournament last October willing to grind and stay with the team. Too many scrubs backing out and not sticking with a team for months to grow. People switch teams more than herpes
  4. Gt:ol Primitive lo hmu if interested im usually on in the mornings Tuesday-Saturday from 8-2pm. Have LAN exp and placed top 20 in 4v4s in Vegas last October.
  5. Gt ol Primitive lo live in vegas trying to make a halo team or join 1 so we can represent Vegas in the next Las Vegas LAN tournament hmu if interested. I'm a champion high onyx player and have LAN exp. ranked top 20 in 4v4s in Las Vegas last October
  6. Gt ol Primitive lo hmu if interested have LAN exp also a champ online
  7. I'm a F/A looking to team with a squad for online tourneys and LAN events. Looking for a squad to grind with in the morning, reason why? I work night shift I'm on Wednesday-Saturday from 8am-2pm can also be on after work which is 11:30pm. But prefer mornings so I'm not dragging. Placed top 14 in Vegas last November in 4v4. I'm a champion-high onyx player. I prefer a team that sticks like glue!!!. Only way we are going to succeed is if we stick together and give each other constructive criticism thru the ups and downs. GT. ol Primitive lo
  8. Gt: ol Primitive lo my credentials include being a champ in team slayer and ffa. I have been to LAN events, went to vegas twice and placed top 20 in 4v4 . I mostly play in the morning Wednesday-Friday 8am-1pm. Going to be honest I'm looking for a squad that will look to team and not separate. Reason? If you are serious about entering and Winning Tournaments! We as a team need to grind no matter the good or bad times we as a team perform and overcome it. Currently looking for high onyx players but will consider diamonds if you solo queue. If interested hmu.
  9. Ignore the nice meme haha idk wat happened to my post.
  10. GT: ol Primitive lo looking for 2 more players for HCS Las Vegas and online qualifiers. Minimum requirements to join: 2000 onyx in team arena. nice meme nice memeniWilling to grind at least 3-4 hours 5 days a week. nice mWatch film and scrim. nice meme nice memenice mem Attending Vegas and online qualifiers. nice memenicWe need teammates who are going to stick together for the long run. Tired of people quiting. If ur not passionate to stick as a team no matter the outcome and work around it don't message. Hmu if interested
  11. GT: ol Primitive lo to2 looking for 2 more for Vegas and online qualifiers. Hmu if interested, me and my teammate both have lan exp and are attending Vegas. Everything u just mentioned above we basically do ourselves.we just need two more individuals who are dedicated so we can progress.
  12. Gt: ol Primitive lo team of three looking for one more. We're attending Vegas and doing the online qualifiers hmu if u want to try us out.
  13. Team of 4 looking to scrim hmu at ol Primitive lo
  14. Are u willing to to do online tournaments and attend HCS Las Vegas? Team of 2 trying to find 2 more players to grind, watch film, and go over strats. If ur serious about this hmu at ol Primitive lo
  15. Message me at ol Primitive lo. Team of two trying to do online tourneys and for sure going to the Vegas event. Hmu if interested. Can run games tomorrow at 11am pst
  16. Team of 2 looking for 2 more for HCS Las Vegas and online tournaments. Looking for teammates to grind with and give Criticism so that we can develop as a squad. Must know call outs, map control,and at least be an onyx player. If interested message me @ ol Primitive lo.
  17. Is this for h5?if that's the case message me at ol Primitive lo I have one other teammate. We're both attending Vegas as well
  18. F/A looking for a squad to do online tournaments and team for HCS. Attended Las Vegas tournament last year placed top 20 in 4v4. Hmu if interested GT: ol Primitive lo. I'm a champion rank if that matters?
  19. What's ur gt? Attended Las Vegas tourney last year placed top 20 in 4v4 f/a looking for a squad message me if interested.
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