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  1. I came here right now to see the comments about this. hahahaha I know is off topic, but I love you guys, so I like to see what everyone think about random events, not just Halo.
  2. Being real, I don't think this works like it use anymore, with the internet a lot of stuff get exposure really fast. They didn't need to do a lot of detais or put a trailer, how about "our next tournament is going to be on the next Halo title" boom, internet will talk about it, everybody would be ready for E3. In the E3 a lot of games are also being showed, and Halo 6 might not be too exciting in the middle of new stuff. I understand saving a lot of stuff for E3 for new IPs, but for Halo, I don't think people will actually get all surprised "OMG A NEW HALO IS BEING MADE" at E3. I don't get why a franchise so big as Halo needs to keep secret of how they are doing things especially because we have a competitive scene that no one knows what will happen. A teaser in front of a Halo crowd would be amazing too.
  3. I was one that said that I prefer to watch Tox dominate than to watch Splyce fly fly fly, jump jump jump, grenade grenade grenade, shot shot shot as a viewer. I saw more people saying stuff like that, I didnt see people (or at least not the majority) saying they don't use tactics or coordenation. If it was easy everybody would do it, what they do is very very very impressive and very difficult to do, and I don't think anyone denied that, there is a lot of team work, a lot of timing. Just to make myself clear, because I saw people turning around stuff that I said and putting more to it that I never intend to say it. This just to add to what @@Apoll0 said before.
  4. Nothing again... No news. I'm expecting that the next Halo game will just appear in the store without anyone knowing or talking about it.
  5. The thing about CLG/Optic/TOX 4-0 in the past, I never enjoyed, but it was "We do a lot of work, study a lot, play more than everybody". Now with Splyce is like "We are just good, played 5 hours last week". I can get the first better than the second one. The in game dominance by CLG/Optic/TOX was cold strategy, clutch moments, outsmarting people and a lot of team play. The in game dominance by Splyce is a lot of flying around, shots shots shots, grenades granades grenades, jumping jumping jumping. Again, I prefer to watch the first one than the second as a viewer. I don't hate them, but like a lot of people here, this is why I feel strange watching them win worlds. GG to them.
  6. Yeah, I feel like TOX had two chances there to make a point, but they lost trying to do their usual "perfect tactic" slowing things down and waiting for the perfect oportunity.
  7. Its going to be Strongside casting and one Strongside hologram that have all his catchphrases programmed to do the commentary.
  8. BTW we are staying on 50k viewers on Twitch for quite some time. I'm glad we are getting an amazing series right now, game 7 hype in front on a lot of new people.
  9. So that Halo 5 hunt the truth stuff was the story of Ninja leaving Halo, with everybody thinking he turned his back to his roots and then he comes back and saves Halo. Now everything makes sense, what a marketing play.
  10. RIP the dream. When Splyce starts strong and get their control flying throught the map killing everybody is so difficult to get away. The CTF games Nv lost, when the understood what was happening Splyce was 2-0 already.
  11. Its difficult for Renegades playing with only 3 members since APG is out there celebrating the BO5 victory.
  12. APG just created a new meme thinking the game was over, now imagine they lose lol
  13. I think there is 3 reasons there: 1 - Isn't easy to get visas 2 - There is no scene in LATAM, so I don't think much stuff is planned by the players, not do I think players have money to invest in stuff if they don't get money playing Halo. (apart for the HWC money, so one time a year) 3 - The time between knowing which team is going to words and trying to get the stuff done is not enought Again, I think the players can do better, BUT the problem is more about how the scene is treated than what the players do.
  15. Good morning Beyond! It's been a while since I wake up excited to watch some Halo more than anything else I can do in my day. BTW, hearing the crowd so loud is amazing, I did some OOOOH out loud in some plays at the same time the crowd did too, so I felt part of that, even if I'm all the way across the world Amazing work by everyone at the event.
  16. I'm really really really liking these interviews, not just asking "Hey, are you going to bring your A game?" "Do you think you need to play perfect Halo to beat X team?".
  17. My mixer stream is having problems, and looking at the chat, buffering for a lot of people too. Watching on Twitch and everything is ok. Don't know if it'ss a problem on Mixer side.
  18. One thing that I noticed watching Splyce play, is that they don't force the 1v1 battles. The 2v2 thing was the most talked about, but a lot of times I saw one member of Splyce just flying throught the map shoting someone 2 or 3 times and continue moving. The other thing I saw is that they back out of fights A LOT compared to other teams. (especially if you think about the best team right now) A lot of times I thought they were going to get killed for sure, but they could scape, leaving the other team so focused on killing that first guy no shield that other one just came and killed the opponent. This kinda of stuff combined made their team so difficult to get tracked and other teams so lost. Also, the charge in every respawn once they have control is really impressive.
  19. The one thing I hate about the teams when they get so dominant (ex-optic and now splyce) is how they win a good series and leave with a face like they don't really care. I know they are dominant, I know they expect to win the series, but I get more excited winning any match in any online game ever than they winning a series (and sometimes a tournament). I don't expect them to give the naded + danoxide death stare after every game, but at least leave with a happy face lol
  20. Ok, so ex-Optic should be call "Wrong Picture" and just use this one photo as their logo. Then they win worls and a giant Bubu Dubu riding a horse holding a rose will be displayed for the whole world.
  21. My people don't hold back hahaha So much passion in everything, this comes from a people that suffers enought and put their heart on this kinda of stuff. This is why we need a bigger scene EVERYWHERE, you can't have a world championship where you know a NA team is going to win always. NA have the best players because is the only place that playing Halo is actually worth it, I have no doubt that there are Shottzys, Hukes, Bubu Dubus all around the world not being discovered because they don't have a reason to keep grinding.

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