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  1. Sorry, my first accidentaly neg rep on moblie, You will be remembered forever in my heart.
  2. Good night everybody, it's 3:30 AM here in Brazil, time to go to sleep. Please keep posting the bests moments of the tourney, tomorrow the first thing I will do is check here for content and of course Emma.
  3. That was terrible, I didn't expected H3A or anything like that, but at least a fun livestream. I expected some nice montages and videos, both from the campaign and from the pro scene. How can they do that? How can they think that was good content for a 15 anniversary livestream. I regret watching because I just got more mad at 343.
  4. It's almost impossible to play Halo 5 here in Brazil. I love this game, really, but there aren't too many brazilians playing, and the ones who play are quitting the game because of the servers, this problem is getting worse and worse. This is the only game that I play and can really see the difference a server make. I play only because I love Halo, any other game with this kind of problem, i would have quit long ago.
  5. YES! We should make a list of funny things they said this season to make a video, funny stuff is good to show to people that aren't in to Halo. My favorite is the commonly - sonic the hedgehog bit.
  6. I think the problem is the lack of LANs and not the format of pro league. Yesterday was awesome, I'm gonna remember the str8 rippin comeback and the EG/E7 drama for a long time. This format creates good histories, not in the same way that maybe most of you are used to. I'm a big soccer fan (a brazilian soccer fan, shocking) and I'm used to this kind of format, but in the same way that we have leagues, we have tourneys that creates another kind of histories, one complement the other.The pro league benefits teams with consistency, we will have histories of comeback, teams that are almost guarantee in TOP 4 and drop, changes in relegation in the last week, roster changes in the middle of the league that changes what a team is fighting for. If we have a TOP 6 or TOP 8 finals after the league, then we will lose this kind os stories. LANs tourneys with all the pro teams creates other type of stories, equally awesome. So, in my opinion, we need more good tourneys (open lans or just the top 8 teams) to complement the pro league, but I can understand why most of you have a different opinion. And waiting one month to finals is too much, finals must happen close to the end of the league, or the hype and the histories will lose strength.
  7. Awesome! I like to see this kind of stuff, in the pro league broadcast sometimes it seems they don't know what they talking about, they are only guessing what could happen with the teams. I enjoy the casting overall, but they could show some scenarios in the filler time between matches, or at least show the standings after each match.
  8. We all know Halo 5 and the league have flaws, but this season have been amazing, so many great series.
  9. I said before that I started watching competitive halo this year. Today I learned why pistola is called wizard. Awesome game 5!
  10. Hello everyone, i've been lurking here for months and decided to create my account today. I'm from brazil, I understand english very well, but i'm not used to write or talk, so excuse me if I say something wrong. I've been watching the NA pro scene since the start of this year, and the brazilian pro scene is almost non existing, only a few people watch competitive Halo here. You guys are my main source of Halo competitive history and facts. I'm glad I finally took the courage to create an account to put my english to test.

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