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  1. "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" OMG and we are just getting started, a lot of hype matches today and I will not be able to upvote the good posts.
  2. Did he learn to make his sounds from Jack Black? This explains everything.
  3. I don't know if my heart can handle two more days of this.
  4. If the Internet can make a brazilian meme from a brazilian novel actress appear on a Halo forum, I think is safe to say that Halo is capable of reaching more people than it does currently.
  5. The interviews after each match, the funny videos with the casters, some awesome moments like Pistola playing with the camera and dancing. Videos that people could share with friends to show some moment and not just 1 hour video of a match.
  6. I think it's common to use some keywords in english even if you are speaking another language, probably because not every game is translated to every language and because you have way more information in english to guide gameplay, so even if there is a translation available, sometimes is still better to play in english. In another cases, some words in english are more easy to say rapidly than in other languages. One example: a lot of people say "flag" and not "bandeira" here in Brazil. I never thought of that, but thinking about it, I use a lot of english words while playing and speaking portuguese.
  7. If I remember correctly, at least two good teams from Brazil didn't compete in the qualifiers because of the age restriction. One team that I know all the players are emancipated, so they are legally free from control by their parents, and they tried to talk to Gfinity, but the response was something like "rules are rules". Now they changed this one day before the "LAN"? What a joke. Halo is dying here in Brazil, this HWC made a lot of players just give up, including my team. At least, I'm glad that probably the best team in LATAM will play because of this last minute change.
  8. The two teams in the seeding finals yesterday for the Colombia/Brazil qualifier will be matching in round 2 today. (they both got a free win in round 1) It's a single elimination tournament. What a joke.
  9. Huke saying to way more experienced players to "calm down and focus on the series". Not only a great player, but a great person. I'm still sad that he and bubu are not in the same team.
  10. So, about the LATAM qualifier: They changed to Colombia and Brazil qualifier just now in the Gfinity site, every brazilian team is in front of the xbox because the brazilian qualifier should start just now. Everyone did the check in and was ready to play, but the qualifier disappear, and now is "Colombia and Brazil", instead of 2pm here, the new qualifier will begin 9pm. I have team mates that cannot play 9pm because they move their commitments to further in the day so they can play now. In a whatsapp group the players from Brazil are trying to figure out what is happening, because all of this happened without any explanation. (As usual, sorry for the english, it's very difficult to explain this madness in another language)
  11. Shotzzy just got a running riot againts Str8 in eden slayer. He finished 20-3.
  12. Thank you. It's very difficult to interpretate some rules in another language, I don't know why they didn't have someone translate to portuguese and spanish. The teams here in Brazil are all confused if the rule says that ONE team of each sub-region or the "The teams with the most points" could mean more than one team per sub-region. I will pass this information to everyone.
  13. I didn't see anything about how many teams will qualify for the LAN in Mexico. Anyone have this information?
  14. Hi guys, I want to show you the logo of my new team here in Brazil. We are a new team, and the qualifiers for worlds will be our first tournament (for the team and for all the players). We are a bunch of guys that love Halo and want to have fun playing. I will be posting our experience in the LATAM qualifiers as soon as they end. I also like to thank RyaNoob for the amazing content on Youtube, this is helping our team learn all the jumps and some cool tactics. If anyone have videos of Halo 5 tactics and how to rotate/play on the maps, please message me, because we really need to learn not to play like a bunch of headless chicken running everywhere.
  15. Ola is streaming in the snipedown Twitch. All my dreams came true. He should stream more, one of the funniest players.
  16. I remember they put Halo 5 commercials on TV here in Brazil. So, they invested in marketing before the game was out, then they abandoned. A lot of my friends don't play because of the servers. And I'm loving that we are having some discussion about the LATAM qualifier. Best of luck to any beyond member playing next week.
  17. The LATAM seeding tourney and the first qualifier have been postponed. I think that's because of too many teams registering, 85 for the seeding at the moment (registration ends today). And I don't think they expected this number of teams. I think there's no official league or tourney, or anything really, organized by 343 (or some company they can hire) in all LATAM coutries. Now imagine if they care about all the world, halo could grown much more faster. I can guarantee that a lot of brazilian kids watch other E-sports they love even if they don't understand what the caster are talking in english. I hope they learn that there's other places for Halo compettive scene, they just need to care about.
  18. I was invited to play in a brazilian team for worlds qualifier. I'm not really that good, but we don't have a great competitive scene here so I'll go and try my best to at least have fun. Now let's talk about the problem (not commonly). The online LATAM qualifier involves teams of 5 countries: Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil. Instead of a online qualifier for each country and then the "LAN" qualifier in Mexico, they are doing the online qualifier with every country together. I usually play people from USA and is impossible to keep up because of the servers, so imagine mexican teams playing south american teams. Not only that, but Mexico is the only country outside of South America, and that's the place the choose for the LAN, instead of choosing a south american country (all really close to each other). That type of decision will keep Halo of growing here. (as usual, I'm trying my best to write in english, sorry for any mistake)
  19. I can stand the map settings, the format of pro league, even if it's not what I want to see. But this kind of thing is unacceptable. Not watching this "E6" squad is not a option for me, I want to see every game they play, because I will be very happy if they get destroyed by everyone.
  20. I'm enjoying the conversation here, I think this is good for us to understand that nothing is so simple when making changes. Like, something is worse because people are not used to yet or will be worse even when the pros get used to? I'm talking about everything, radar, weapon changes, etc. Sometimes some changes look good on paper, but are worse when you test it. We all need to learn from this, maybe 343 really test some things and they don't work out, but then they don't communicate so well for us to understand that. We need to understand that not everything we think is good will be good. 343 needs to communicate better why they make some changes and not others. I started watching competitive Halo this year, i think no radar will be better, but i watched a lot of awesome series this year with radar on. So, if they keep it or don't, I will watch it.
  21. If you need any help with brazilian qualifiers, I can help you, just send my a message. I'm not famous or anything like that, but I don't know if other brazilian follow this forum too. The brazilian scene is almost non existent and I want to see it grow up!
  22. It's funny because CU in portuguese means ass. It's even better when you guys say that something will be better in the CU. I'm 25, but I still laugh at this stuff.
  23. About Latin America: Every big esports have a good brazilian team (or at least brazilian players) in worlds events. In Halo Worlds 2016 the three brazilian teams that got to regional finals got 500 dollars each, and they all got eliminated there. There aren't events here, so who's gonna play Halo? The only pro that I know moved to Overwatch. No one streams Halo here, I tried and got only 3 people max. Halo is having a hard time in USA while others esports have leagues all over the world.

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