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  1. I'm trying, but I really can't watch this maps and this game types anymore. Not so long ago I would be so hyped about this NV x OG match, but I really don't care, and I want to care. We should be getting AT LEAST one new game type or one new map per season.
  2. Mixer chat went to shit today. It's looking like the best days of Lxthul's Twitch chat.
  3. Just played against a smurf named rHaloTeamBeyond in Arena. I lost to TeamBeyond time to go back to reddit.
  4. How was casting for Ninja in another game? For me that was funny to watch, and it was also my first time cheering for a caster more than any player, you did a great job as always.
  5. I'm almost quitting watching the pro league, I'm watching while I play something on xbox, but we have some awesome games worth watching from time to time. Awesome game five from EG x LG.
  6. I don't know Moses. I think an open event surely will benefit the viewers and numbers, but I don't know if that is what we need for growing the scenes outside NA. EU only benefits the EU teams of course, but we have to benefit them so we can help them grown. I think Halo is too dependent of the NA scene and teams.
  7. I think Halo is the most NA oriented esport, and still people bitch about a couple of EU teams in a champion bracket, an EU only tourney or when they give spot for teams around the world in the WORLD championship. This makes me sad. Here in Brazil we have CS and LOL on TV, on ESPN, SporTV (or biggest sport channel) and in other sports channels. We have Rocket League online tourneys. We have COD tourneys. Kids that don't even know english watch these e-sports when they aren't broadcast in portuguese. And we have NOTHING in Halo, all a Halo fan can do is watch the NA and EU league. Just to remember, in the World Championship they didn't even paid someone to translate the rules, they didn't even paid someone to speak with the LATAM players in their own language, and I know people (including me) that would do it for free. CS, LOL, COD, Rocket League, they are all growing everywhere. Halo is losing players. And we all know this is not only in Brazil. And some NA players lose their minds because they are not in the spotlight for a second, for me that's infuriating. Sorry for the rant.
  8. I found out about Beyond because of /r/halo. I don't visit /r/halo like I was used to, but for a long time that was the place I was going when I needed some new information, and that place has a lot of people with a lot of different opinions. Sometimes people here take one comment from there, or something that happened there and make so everyone there thinks the same, and that's not the case. If 343 can't make a game that leaves every part of the fanbase happy, that's 343 fault, not the fanbase for wanting different things. With a good game and a good population you can make playlists for everyone.
  9. I am sick. Got tired of just watching this series, I don't know if I'm gonna follow the next bo7. Now imagine snakebite...
  10. Each tournament I support more and more the guys from Splyce. I started watching competitive Halo when bubu started playing, so I like to cheer for this guy. Now imagine if they don't perform in the lcq and lose the spot that they deserve, I think I'll not watch the pro league then.
  11. Just got the achievement for watching a broadcast on Twitch with less than 10 viewers for 1 hour. Yes, I'm watching Halo. Thought that was funny enough to share with you guys.
  12. LET'S GO SPLYCE! They are not only good, but fun to watch.
  13. Just letting you guys know that this is a common license plate here in my city (Florianópolis - Brazil), so I see this all the time.
  14. I love that every bubu's team is unpredictable, they can upset a top team and lose to an amateur, I hope that Splyce will improve with Renegade, but will keep this roller coaster of emotions that is so fun to root for.
  15. The new settings are much better BUT they still need to do something about the servers. My friends don't care about setting that much, they care about lag and if their shots are registering correctly (so, they will only come back to play if something about the servers change). Some games are just awful to play and becomes so frustating cause this game could be so good.
  16. Happened to me too a while back in a custom game, don't know why.
  17. I upvoted everyone of you that I recognize in that reddit thread. Feels like encountering a friend in a party.
  18. I don't think Halo 5 competitive scene can last another year and a half unless some very good happen. If they REALLY don't want to release Halo 6 this year then they need to do something to make Halo 5 competitive "new", change the settings or make all new maps. And I don't think is good to stop the competitive for months to start again for Halo 6, competitive scene needs stability and something continuous to grow.
  19. One of the best posts I ever read here, made me feel like I was there too. I got to ask: how many balloons they put in the entrance? That balloon photo was really the feeling of someone entering the place or it was better there?
  20. I just keep refreshing this page hoping that some crazy news might happen. I don't know, maybe Lethul should move to another team again just to see everything on fire.
  21. LOOK WHO GOT PREMIUM BOOOOYS!!! This is my way to retribute to this amazing community that keeps my hype alive no matter what. I wish I would post more, but like I said in others posts, english is not my first language so it's not so easy to enter in some discussions here. :weback: :weback:
  22. I remember when I saw someone saying on reddit that this was the place for competitive Halo discussion. Now I don't even go to reddit anymore and I think I read all the pages of the previous tread. It's sad that I don't know who bought me here, I want to give this person some amazing balloons.
  23. Accidental mobile neg, I'm so sorry, will compensate in other post.
  24. I want to see bubu and huke teaming again,don't care with who.

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