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  1. Kinda off-topic but still cool. They will launch a bomberman game on Xbox and they put Master Chief Bomberman as an exclusive. So now you will be able play more as Master Chief on a Bomberman game than on Halo 5. Edit: guess I don't know how to put a tweet here.
  2. I'm from Latin America and I don't follow Latin America qualifier sadly. It's not fun to follow a "scene" that die and then just reappear close to Worlds every year.
  3. Nothing more hype than a no scope to win the game with the sound of the crowd going crazy. (I want nV to win, but that was amazing)
  4. Onset/Bravo for every losers final Walshy/Simms for every grand final
  5. Just imagine when Pistola stop playing, we can have a Pistola / Walshy duo casting and saying funny stuff. The stream would explode with so much charisma.
  6. I'm sad that it ended early, I was ready for more Halo today.
  7. Game 1: nV got the control after the first flag, and actually BAITED the counter cap in the end, which is amazing, againts Optic, you need courage. Game 2: nV got a good 5 kill lead for a while and controlled that 5 kill lead to the end (just one time Optic closed the gap, but lost again in the next rotation) Game 3: nV controlled almost the entire game, kept pit and changed the bases with Optic What impressed me the most, is that everytime Optic lost againts another team it was a chaotic game, not this controlled, the 3-0 was nice, but really the control in those games was amazing to see
  8. They just baited letting that flag in? That was amazing, What a smart play.
  9. Halo channel on Mixer passed the 3k viewers, amazing numbers. I think it also gained 1,5k followers or something like that since yesterday. The good think is, Mixer is getting bigger and bigger (really good plataform btw), and they can put Halo on the front page every time.
  10. Hit me up if you need some help with people talking in portuguese.
  11. I find that really strange, cause here we classify "North America" as USA + Canada + Mexico. I said this last year, for me putting "Latin America" is a really big mistake, and then putting the finals in Mexico far away from the South America countries just seems like they don't care. I guess now the player base is dead anyway, so I can understand a little more than the year before.
  12. Every bubu dubu's team (since he started appearing with Huke) was able to do 2 things: challenge optic and lose to worst teams. I don't want to say that this happens just because os this guy, but everytime he moves team someone put a list here on why X player is better than him, but yet after some time he's always on the "new team to watch".
  13. Merry Christmas people!! Santa came early this year, we already got our MLG present, but I wish you guys more!!
  14. If anyone organizing HWC needs any help with the LATAM part please let me know, especially the brazilian part. This year a lot of people complain because all the rules were in english and is difficult to interpretate some in another language, and that the staff you need to talk about problems were also speaking english. If you guys need ANY help with that just send me a message or tag me here. I can also help marketing the HWC in the right places, I know people from the most Halo dedicated sites here and people from the big spartan companys that still play the game religiously. I'll do this part anyway, because I want Halo to grow here, but if you guys need contacts, help to talk to people that don't speak english, anything like that, I'm down do help. (I don't know how to tag people here, so in this part I need help lol it's just @ someone?)
  15. Good MLG day everybody. We'll get MLG today, if the M is not for Major, than it will be for Memes.
  16. I saw the pre-announcement before going to bed yesterday and I actually dreamed about it, I'm reading too much of this forum.
  17. So let me tell you guys something. Halo is not big here in Brazil because xbox wasn't a big deal, everybody had playstations back in the beggining of Halo era, and people who had Xbox 360 didn't play online, because almost every 360 were "unblocked" (that's what we called in portuguese, don't know about you guys) to play not original copy of the games. Of course there's fans of Halo that play every game, but it's not as close as you guys say. Because of that, I always knew about how everybody played Halo in US for reading this site, not from experience. A few weeks ago I started streaming on Mixer and going into other people streams to improve my english more and more, since it's a goal of mine (and my first step was in this very site talking to you guys). EVERYBODY that I talked to about what games they play said that they played Halo 1-3 everytime when I asked about Halo 5. A lot of those stopped after Halo 3, and that is crazy. I'm not making this up, I finally undestand. Everybody felt very passionate about the 3 first Halo when they talk, that they played just Halo all the time, that was part of their childhood. My first game on Xbox 360 was Halo Reach in 2011, so I have a little history with Halo, but not close as everybody here. And from what I saw talking to people on Mixer, Halo has a chance to bring all of them back, and that's the sad part, I don't think 343 is willing to do that.
  18. Me in the beggining of the year: Checking TB all the time, reading everything, excited to see some Halo during the week, watching some pros play, playing Halo even if I didn't like some settings that much. Me now: Check TB -> No MLG yet -> People are sad -> I'm sad -> I'll be back tomorrow
  19. Guys, I just found out where the next HWC will be, is here in Brazil close to where I live. The blue team entrance to the arena is already ready.
  20. So every team pass is gone for COD, MLG now have time to work on Halo... right?
  21. It's difficult not to think of Halo when MLG is a common license plate here in my City. Even the cars are asking, what more do you need?

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