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  1. Free agent. Placed 17th in my last tournament for H3. Gave up halo to focus on other things but I'm able to compete again. Message me if interested. We can run games and I can send gameplays.
  2. 4 hours, 3 games tonight. No one on for customs. I guess if you search with two you can't get a game.
  3. I imagine they've been working entirely on H5 and delegated MCC to the other studios. The main problem with that being that aside from visuals, everything is broken and was never tested by 343. The only other explanation is that 343 knew it was broken and shipped it anyway - both of which is not acceptable.
  4. Exactly. They are modeling the spartan abilities as the selling point for the game. There's 0% chance they're coming out. However, we could see them nerfed quite a bit.
  5. I understand now why only one playlist is ranked. I guess it was foolish for us to expect every playlist to be ranked when we can't even load up a game with the playlist we have at launch.
  6. Hello everyone. Getting back in shape for mcc with H3. Placed 17th at MLG San Diego '08. Add me for games. GT: AlotLikeSchism
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