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  1. when he says "you can find all public custom games in your selected region", my head just exploded. Why region selection is still not a thing in halo? And why no one seems to care about it?
  2. I'm just saying that these issues are so heavy to be completely game breaking, like the entire azure server infrastructure was on fire or completely unusable. The result is the same (for what i'm seeing).And these are not getting enough attention (from devs especially) if compared to their seriousness. I can link thousands of pages of complaints about servers I'm currently following on waypoint. Especially EU and AUS people; only US gamers (not everyone) deny every issue like rest of the world is populated by fools and haters. They just not understand that the few thousands of players remained are concentrated in NA, so less search times, latency issues etc. if compared to other zones.
  3. it's my opinion of course but usually it's better to build good foundations before starting build a house. However I understand your point of view, I'm not trying to change it. I'm just reporting something happening to me that i find unbearable: not being able to play your favourite playlists of your favourite game when everyone playing other ones (some of which I like, but finding them far inferior to halo franchise in general) are having lot of fun just makes me furious. Every vacation day I have I try to play some halo, spending 80% of time hoping and trying to find a game instead playing effectively. I think this is honestly the biggest problem currently. But again it's only my opinion.
  4. Every frontend has to base on a solid backend. Titanfall, GOW and BF1 have it, halo clearly doesn't.Having a bulletproof backend you can build everything you want on its top. It's just a priorities matter.
  5. It's good to be basically locked out from matchmaking on Christmas morning 'cause finding a game before 2 PM has become nearly impossible even in social arena. Damn people, how can be possible talking every single day about sprint, smart link and every other things you clearly dislike because too nostalgic about the old halo formula (not arguing about that) when there are many really important problems affecting this game and coming out from its own infrastructure and basement? You should be talking before anything else about server issues, impossibility to find games if reached too high ranks, disconnecting, teleporting, absence of selectable datacenters that is very shameful IMO. Do you really want an H6, maybe with all the changes you continuously talk about, based on the actual immutated matchmaking infrastructure? It would be like killing the game before even starting if you think about the actual population drop and that, maybe, not many people will buy the game on day one. How good would be not finding a game on release because matchmaking system cannot sustain a low population number (and H5 is failing badly in this)? It's a bit like Titan fall 2 and it's shameful release (EA's fault, not IW's): if that game would have an H5-like matchmaking, with the few people that brought it in the first place, the game would be dead in 2 days. Is resisting right now instead thanks to a flawless matchmaking system, very low pings thanks to selectable data centers and a system that finds you a game in less than a minute even if 30 players are playing in that moment (this would be applicable to social Halo for example) making you able to play quickly without waiting ages for a match (waiting for me has become more like "hoping" for a match). The current halo state is shameful IMHO, and for what i'm seeing movement or weapon balancing alone cannot fix it. Only a complete infrastructure revise on servers, ranking system, matchmaking algorithms etc. could do something.
  6. Exactly. And i find this much better than H5's system which can work properly only where population is big and healty. Sincerely, i'm so done waiting 10+ minutes for a single match. Actually is more like "hoping to find a game" than playing the game itself... So sad.
  7. Unbelievable. Italy, almost 15 PM of sunday Team Slayer, Balanced Did only 1 qualification match yesterday, past season was Diamond 6 Cannot find a single game. Only "Not enough players in this playlist" messages. How can this be possible? Dammit, playing this game has become really impossible... It makes me furious thinking that on Titanfall 2 is possible to find games in selectable servers with a very low ping even in less populated playlists (like 30-50 players total) in LESS THAN A MINUTE. Just a bad joke. PS: I don't try expanded simply because i care about my mental sanity.
  8. This doesn't change the fact that TF2 has a way more quick, stable and solid matchmaking system than H5. And it's a shame because i love Halo in general, i play almost nothing else.
  9. Yeah, if only i was able to find a single match at all.... Funny how Titanfall 2 is able to build a game in less than a minute in a 35ping server, in a mode with only 32 players total... Just saying....

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