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  1. Moving on... I got a killer long-range stick clip from someone, and I'm still looking for one more (or three ) If anyone else has a ridiculously long-distance stick in their clips for Ep2, please let me know. I thought about posting them all and getting the clips from community members, but that would ruin the intrigue!
  2. This. But I played the Beta today and I will definitely be going back for more. BF4 seems larger scale and more epic like BF2 was. I own BF3 and probably didn't play more than 4-5 hours
  3. Zandril, if people are going to assume things from the photos that are not accurate, I'm going to set them straight. Play on the map, then give me feedback. Like the title says it's a beta, hence unfinished, and I am receiving a ton of constructive criticism that makes sense that I am incorporating into changes and testing, so don't assume just because I hold my ground when people say it doesn't have cover that I can't take criticism. The way opinions are expressed in this thread and many other Forgers' threads I find disturbing. Your opinion is exactly that: opinion. To behave as if it's fact is to pretend it has more power than it really contains. The purpose of my map is enjoyment and I will continue to test and tweak it for maximum enjoyment of people that like this kind of map. Am I missing something here? Is the sole purpose of posting up a map so people can come and give (condescending at times) their opinions on what's "wrong" with it, or is the purpose also so people can discover new play spaces? Because if this is the way people try to "help" you, I don't want it.
  4. So you go to your brother's every other week, on the same week Forger's Showcase runs? Hmmm... so I'd either need to run two weeks in a row or skip a week... I'll think about it.
  5. Got the Fracture h Size it down?!? :blink: I think Fracture is f***ing perfect! Can you be in love with a map? lol Anyway, I got that KotH game rendered today with the second half of Forger's Showcase and it should get uploaded tomorrow night. Hadoken, if I had known you set it up we could have tested it when we had eight! You're so patient. Edit: Oh yeah, also I've gotten quite a few games in on all three of these maps, and I've enjoyed them immensely. I find all three to be visually stunning as well as satisfying competitively with routes, weapons, sightlines, vehicles (Vitality), etc. A++!
  6. I'm totally calm, you're the one who's getting bent. Many people enjoyed every time the bastard t-bagger got slammed in the face with a bullet. It's your problem if you don't like it. And I'm not the one getting all hostile, so who needs to grow up? I handle criticism just fine, you just assume you're doing someone a favor, like so many other people out there who think their opinion means something. If you wanted to be "helpful" to people, you'd be encouraging people, not putting them down.
  7. Uh, thanks? How else do you show the "Bag Avenger" medal then? Some constructive criticism: if you don't like someone's art, there's no harm in walking away saying nothing. Too many people think their opinions = fact.
  8. It's increasingly frustrating to hear feedback that doesn't fit with the map. There is a ton of cover on the map, and great routes. It's a blast to play: you should try it!
  9. Forger's Showcase Friday is in danger of being discontinued. To run this week, we'll need at least five Forgers to contact CHa0s with their intent to show up and share their quality map that has yet to be showcased in Spartans' Playground: Forger's Showcase videos. Please spread the news to your favorite Halo 4 Forgers, and sign up to share your map today! See first post for more information. See below for videos of last session. Maps and Author names are included in the YouTube description with links to the start of each map. Spartans' Playground: Forger's Showcase #3, Prt 1 Spartans' Playground: Forger's Showcase #3, Prt 2
  10. Both of those are pretty sweet! Yeah, I think I'm looking for one more of the post-nerf variety. The first "The Lost Medals Chronicles" got featured on Waypoint yesterday: http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/post/2013/09/27/The-Lost-Medals-Chronicles-Episode-1-A-Halo-4-Machinima.aspx
  11. Yeah, Ghostfracture, I saw your stick and that's a pretty good clip. Still might use it as I plan on including more than one, but there's this really sick one I got linked to on Ragnarok... shzlss, just send me a message on LIVE when you check: AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, and I can dowload them from your fileshare and check them out.
  12. A few months back I started a machinima series called "The Lost Medals Chronicles" for Halo 4, and I'm finally ready to finish episode #2. One of the things that I need to do this is a long-range sticky clip, which is going to be one of the hardest things to "duplicate" in a custom game, so if anyone has one they want immortalized, lemmie know! Here is the first episode, so ya know what you're getting into
  13. Thanks, Zan, I appreciate your opinion and will keep it in mind in the future. I'm not sure why you feel spawns have to be on the ground for a competitive map. Sure, it's different for what people are used to in a Halo map and wouldn't be used in a pro competition, but it plays very competitively and not at all like a mini-game. It reminds me of Battlefield: Bad Company 2! And really, it's how Spartans should come into battle, imo I'm also sadly confused about your comment about routes, since it has just as many routes as several of the maps I love, such as Avalanche and Hemorrhage, and certainly more than Settler O.o But perhaps what I could use the most clarification on is the comment that "- Clutter: When placing a piece, it should serve a purpose in the map and should not be there just for the sake of cover." The map looks so clean to me it's almost boring, so I don't know what clutter you speak of, and I'm not sure what purpose cover could serve other than cover? You can also land on the spire from the man-cannons if you choose, and access the attic from there, so other than the two man-cannons that lift up, there are two other ways up. The middle of the map is "flat" on purpose: Halo 4 does not lend itself well to the use of vehicles, and as a fan of "Spartans' Playgrounds" I've created a balanced map that has a place for every type of gamer. The wraith driver has an open area in which to maneuver the vehicle and open spaces to increase the odds of keeping the vehicle up and running longer. It's very easy to sneak past the wraith either on the left or right sides, using the structures there, which is one of the things that is hard to see from the photos. I'll be fixing the Dominion on it soon I hope (I can only get two shield doors per base to spawn on capture, is this normal?) and my Saturday classes end this week, so I might be bugging you guys to playtest it with me in a few Saturdays ;D Maybe I will have figured out this clutter thing you speak of by then.
  14. Got a couple more games in on Triumph last night and it was pretty fun. What impressed me the first time I got in on the map a few weeks back were some of the sweet visual elements, which are unique and nice. The map is also very clean. Last night the basement levels of the map were reminding me of Reflection. It took me a bit to figure the map out, because it is pretty large and being asymmetrical it's not like you can learn half and have the other half down, but once I got down where red and blue were, and I explored purple, it became more clear. I've played Team Slayer, FFA Slayer, KotH. I'd encourage anyone who checks it out to give it a few tries: Being the size it is, it can take a bit to "get to know it".
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