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  1. Stuff like this is why this discussion is dying.......i've noticed less and less people have been posting here...conflict of interest with 1 team caused him to not cast AT all....you're very troubled sir... I don't blame the hiatus, I'm about to join it.
  2. I used to have to tryhard to lurk at work, now its no big deal.....feelsbadman....
  3. Back for a day before someone is dropped after picking their nose during a scrim
  4. feelsbadman, i just want a game the pros can be happy with and its worthy of competitive merit =/
  5. Love the lineup, but hopefully the god comp of T2 and Elamite will be around for interviews or something
  6. I miss h3 theater mode where you can watch films with others, I also hate how you can't clip cause it looks like observer mode, everything is off. Hopefully h6 theater will be goat like forge
  7. I hear turning things off for X amount of time to fix them each week helps. But im just making things up. And its wild people are defending the servers lol
  8. Speculating based on what every company without shit servers does? Yeah far fetched
  9. Because whenever they do an update for a week the servers are amazing, watch, beginning of this next season will be really good then itll turn to shit again And the issue is lack of maintenance or communication about it, idk why i should be explaining this
  10. Yeah i have no knowledge on any of that bro, just pointing out the obvious from what i see, good looks
  11. Yet every other company on the face of the planet has scheduled maintenance, please continue to defend processes that make no sense Edit: The fact is the servers are trash and what theyre doing is trash
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