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  1. This isn't very unheard of for a UMG. They were a bit of a running joke with their COD tournaments, always having delays and/or technical issues.
  2. Would be interesting to see how NV would play against Liquid/OG today. Not sure they'll be hotter than they are now.
  3. Thought if NV lost it would be Mikwen not playing at a high level. Hell nope.
  4. Is this an H1 ad Ninja is really good in interviews though.
  5. Such a strong event as far as gameplay. Worlds will have a lot to live up to.
  6. Are they still going to do the FFA on stream? Just wondering how late this will probably run.
  7. I dunno if I can make another BO7. But the matches have been damn good today, so I must attempt.
  8. Trippey telling PNDA they choked, when they were the ones with the 10 kill lead I see some had the same thoughts lol
  9. Curious to see how Str8 do this weekend. They've been looking kinda rough.
  10. Upset Ola, FeelsBadMan Liquid definitely looks like they're on the OG/NV plateau. Played them both well, and gets another shot at OG.
  11. Hope they manage to show both TL/OG and NV/Str8 on stream tomorrow!
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