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  1. I've said this before and I'll say it again: 343 can't even get normal FFA right, yet people think that a juiced up version of Halo FFA would actually be good.
  2. H2A has some of the worst hit registration imo. It's amazing that it's still better than H3 MCC.
  3. I don't understand how FiS could even be considered underrated, his shot was fucking nuts.
  4. I think not many people like Splyce because they’re awkward and come across as entitled, but that’s just me.
  5. Bring on the next Halo so I don’t have to see these guys win yet again
  6. Also I’m pretty sure Splyce is throwing on purpose so they can 4-0 this next series, but I hope not
  7. The RyaNoob vs. Spartan rivalry is vintage Halo. Shades of T2 vs. Gandhi.
  8. lol at that Gosu Crew roster, 2 years ago that would've been a potential top 4 team
  9. Splyce have an awful attitude towards the game and competing in general. Incredibly here for it if they get slapped by ToX or Rec. Used to be big fans of that team, too.
  10. Also, I ended up on a team with Neptune yesterday. I'm high plat, low diamond at best. I get that search times are gonna be awful if the game matches just champs vs. champs but it's pretty annoying that we all had to get clapped because the average skill on the other team is greater than the average skill on my team. It's also annoying that he was trying to teamkill me and my friend when he realized that we weren't onyx/Champ either.

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