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  1. Please take a minute and erase the concept that we have to stick to current games to keep popularity in comp halo. I want to travel back in time almost exactly a decade ago and look at the competitive scene for Counterstrike. Counterstrike Source was just coming out, and with new releases (much like 343's Halo) there were a lot of bugs and map flaws and general problems with the game. Due to the fact that they had an already working competitive mode on a previous game without controversial bugs and design flaws, they stuck to playing on Counterstrike 1.6 until a few years later when Valve had gotten their act together and patched a lot of the problems that CSS had. Many players did stick with Source in the beginning, however the vast majority of the competitive community stayed loyal to the already working and highly competitive 1.6. Now we can come back to our current time. I'd like to compare Bungie's Halo to 1.6 (excluding Reach) and 343's Halo to Source. 343 obviously has introduced many controversial changes to the competitive side of things, things I'd like to consider much more extreme than the change from 1.6 to Source. For instance Source's changes were for example changes to Dust2, H4's changes are Sprint and descoping. So until 343 (Source) gets it right, the competitive scene can stay with Bungie (1.6) to safely play the game without these controversial issues. This doesn't mean that the competitive scene will abandon 343 altogether, but rather wait for the company to right what's wrong, which may happen in the next title. It's going to be difficult to do because of how long we've waited to do this, but we were almost doing it in Reach, now we're just doing it for real. I can't wait to see how 10k goes, and if it's successful and the community keeps backing it, the transition will happen smoothly. Peace guys.

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