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  1. New team won_shot TJ Hayes95 KraZer ProjectxPatty LETS GO
  2. Hey All, I have a pass for G4G and it looks like were not gonna make it. If anyone is interested, or knows someone that may be, contact me as soon as possible. I know its a late notice but I figured I would at least try to give another team the opportunity. Thanks, GT: ProjectxPatty email: [email protected]
  3. Hey guys, So my team kinda quit. lol I have a pass and im trying to find a team before tomorrow night. or whenever. I was on WithoutWarning, the 12th seeded team. I also played on VexX, the 14th seeded team. Until both teams lost all their points due to roster changes. anyway....hmu GT ProjectxPatty
  4. WithoutWarning/Defy looking for a scrim tonight. Hit up ProjectxPatty if you wanna play.
  5. I'm definitely going to that ebash tournament. I hope others do to. They have a good setup and they are usually pretty fun and competitive.
  6. WithoutWarning is looking for someone to team with for online tournaments/ladders and IG Cbus. Possibly St. Louis as well. Current line up: ProjectxPatty, Twitchay and Konfliction -We have been to a lot of events starting in 2006. Placed top 32 multiple times. Were looking for a god. Someone who can join our lobby, set up good scrims and carry us to victory. OR a support player that has very good communication. Skill is obviously desired but with cbus only 2 weeks away we are more worried about someone who can click with our team. We generally play tue-fri @ 7 and grind on saturday and sunday. We all love each other and enjoy when our knees are touching at LANS. If this sounds appealing to you, contact me via XBL @ ProjectxPatty I love you
  7. Hey everyone! I don't think a lot of people know about this tournament and I'm trying to change that. Ebash in Indianapolis, IN is hosting a 4v4 tournament on December 6th. I know its a little late notice but if you are interested you should check it out! Support out local LAN center! http://ebash.com/index.php/halo-2-mcc-december-2014-tournament/ Ebash has been around for a long time and I would love to see a good turnout. Revive the Halo community!
  8. Team Name: Gander (#66) Winner: Gander Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 Team Colombian & Gringo (#135) failed to report to the match within 15 minutes.
  9. Can someone provide some assistance? I followed the instructions. I'm pretty sure I did it all correctly. lol My "live" and "network" selections are both greyed out. What can cause this?
  10. Hey HMU on xbl if u wanna run games. My tag is ProjectxPatty. Ive placed top 28 a few times.
  11. Hey HMU on xbl if u wanna run. Ive placed top 28 multiple times in h3. My tag is ProjectxPatty
  12. Hey HMU on xbl if u wanna run games. Im looking for a team. Ive placed top 28 a few times. love the game. Oh yea and my tag is ProjectxPatty
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