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  1. Next Halo needs a game freeze/pause feature at immediate disconnect on lan/online especially in tournament format. Fantastic series otherwise just sad for Reciprocity.
  2. This event makes me want to watch Gears of War. Just look at MLG/Gfinity turning a smaller game/community into a quality esport with high turnouts and quality production. This could have been Halo, it should have been Halo
  3. Anyone else annoyed that we missed LB finals and two game 5 deciders LG vs Str8 and Splyce vs Liquid. It will be interesting to see how each team will play eachother today since friday was basically lan scrims for them. Can't we have a lan with good audio/production, minimal downtime, good venue/seating, a well-designed schedule/bracket and second streams. Honestly, watching competitive Halo has been a pain from a viewers perspective since regionals with these constant issues. I want a regionals/x-games viewing experience where you only have to worry about your team losing and none of this other nonsense that plagues this game. I'm so sick of this shit.
  4. We're all overthinking it. It's probably NavG getting picked up after that masterpiece of a performance against the player with the best ever melee hit ratio in the game. The only way to describe NavG in 2017 is if 08 Snipdown, 07 Ogre 2, 10 Ola, and 06 Walshy. I expected this change to happen sooner after seeing Lethul getting perfected by cratos. My only hope is that Lethul can send snipedown an eloquent handwritten twitlonger and beg to be an assistant coach to elumnite because that's about as good as it gets after getting shit on by cratos. Shoutout to Lethuls chat™ for the arrangements but the cummies have a new lord. RIP lethul, the martyr for AR whores everywhere.
  5. Let's say H3A is confirmed and set to release later this year. Here's my wishlist. 1. PC and xbox one launch with crossplay customs/coop 2.Dedicated servers with a browser 3. Return of 1-50 and the H3 exp system 4. Hitscan BR 5. 343 support for competitive with MLG running an open lan league leading to H6 release.PC could be supported aswell 6. Revamped improved forge with mod support 7. A bonus for those of us that owned MCC 8. Ongoing map releases depending on maps at launch 9. LAN/offline support 10. Splitscreen on all platforms 11. Cosmetics that can possibly fund ongoing support and esports etc 12. A stable game at launch with settings that pc users have come to expect from genre 13. Strongholds/Invasion could be added to the gametypes 14 Halo 3 matchmaking with vetoes and parties match parties etc I'm highly sceptical of 343 and fully expect a PC/xbox beta so we can see if this will be another disaster. Here's a thought if everything goes right H3A worlds 2018 MLG Columbus with H6 teaser trailer thrown into the mix. It would be nice if H3A can help kick Halo back into prominence. 343 please don't fuck it up.
  6. should 343 bring back come back kill medal for cratos when he gets 1 kill for every 3 deaths in the new settings. Could beat reversal as my favourite medal if that happens.
  7. Can anyone explain 343's intention for adding headshot multiplier to SMG/AR when they have bloom/spread/magnetism? Factor in their kill times and the game balance doesn't make sense. They had to have been designed around campaign like splinters/storm rifle. More than a year and two million dollar tournaments to adjust items that can be seen as broken within a 12 minute match of slayer. I hope we can put these items behind H5 competitive for good.
  8. Here's my list of players that will benefit the most from these new settings. 1 Ola movement 2 Frosty movement 3 Royal 2 more pistol duels 4 Snipedown pistol duels 5 Roybox pistol 6 ContrA pistol 7 Bubu dubu movement 8 Ninja pistol and playstyle 9 Stellur pistol and more 1v1 opportunities 10 Naded nerdiness is even better with new settings 11 Coaches/analysts in general will have bigger more rewarding roles 12 Eco/Rayne/Snakebite in-game leaders will be even more important 13 Lethul We're going to see just how good he is even more so 14 Mikwin he's been anti radar since the beginning time to see what he can to do with more options I also think a few players will possibly requirement more adjustment: 1 Huke he probably has the best radar 'awareness' his playstyle may change 2 Cratos is Cratos I still think he will be relevant just shit on far more often 3 Penguin has one of the strongest ARs in the game 4 Spartan also relies heavily on autos and a pro radar stance 5 Renegade Interesting to see how he goes 6 APG he's been sort of pro radar but I think he'll be even better with these settings after adjusting I hope 343 releases the settings soon and beyond can host a tourney to showcase it.
  9. Anyone else excited to actually see cqc magnum battles in this game. High skill gap and reaction times will be so much better than crouch AR headshot gameplay. I expect way more reversals and possibly smarter thrust play as the room for error with pistols is far more punishing than automatics. On another note, I believe railgun/sniper need to be reworked for post summer season. No magnetism for either and minimal to zero aim assist; Reducing ammo count is a bandaid fix and we should push for the finest settings h5 can provide. Shoulder charge should also be removed. BR/Carbine red reticle ranges could use tweaking as well to help spawners. SPNKR should be removed and replaced with a standard rocket. No silent weapons at all, they're autos that's their advantage in a pistol orientated meta. I'm actually excited to watch scrims again and see just how much the meta can improve.
  10. With radar adjusted, ars/splinters/sword/plasma rifle removed, increased weapon spawn timers we might be in for the finest competition Halo 5 can present. I truly believe that a stronger individual and teamplay skillgap with reveal itself and it will be a pleasure to see which teams/players break or thrive in this environment. It may have taken over a year or so but
  11. My predictions for worlds 1 OpTic Gaming 2 EnvyUs 3 Liquid 4 Luminosity 5 Str8 Rippin 6 TMMT 7 FABE 8 Splyce 9 Supremacy 10 Immunity 11 SoaR 12 London Conspiracy The bracket stage is going to be critically important for many teams so I'm only confident in my top 3. I'm hoping for amazing upsets and critical plays to be the defining moments of the tourney (hopefully improved by an electric Halo crowd). This worlds seems to have a far better talent pool than last and I hope the players can put on an amazing show for the community. 343 better announce a plan for post worlds and not repeat the PR riddled HWC 2016 presentation of the trophy. Keep an eye out for TMMT I think they'll be sending more than their fair share of teams into losers or home if need be. Hope ESL, the players, casters, production, and audience can put on a hell of a show. Getting in that hype mood LET'S GO
  12. 27k finals for cod on mlg 40k faze vs og on mlg I really do hope 343/ESL integrate the pro point system so that there can be more interest in Halo and we get to see more upsets/redemption. I just want to see Naded on lan, and have the final 7 at worlds be the most accurate representation of NA talent pool and encourage the top 3 from ugc to keep showing up to maintain their seeds, so on until worlds. Players, orgs, tournies/Halo gets more exposure, and fans get great content. I want to see all the possible match ups and have an awesome clashes at worlds which can settle scores from the pre-worlds season. Not only can we see incredible gameplay, but casuals on twitch can check in and begin following the scene with more player backstories and maybe even this reality tv show could help. I just want interest to carry over from tourney to tourney, and I don't think the current format can achieve this. I want to every NV v OG rematch, NV v new Liquid, Bubu/shooter causing havoc, AMs upsetting higher seeded teams, Naded's return to lan since pax etc. Scenarios that are fair to every competitor and no teams getting screwed because an already qualified team runs into them in a bad bracket. I just don't want a team to miss a great opportunity due to the current format, and unless it's changed, I believe it's inevitable. Conversely, having constant active competition, facilitated by pro points, could generate a positive snowball with increasing crowdfunding/viewership and it can benefit Halo as a whole. As long as 343 can reintroduce this format, stream on twitch Halo, run smooth tourneys, distribute crowdfunding reasonably, have fun competitive settings, I can only see interest growing. Sorry if off topic. It's just that we're in a bit of a resurgence, and I don't want comp Halo stagnate and decline again. Pro points just makes too much sense to just ignore like other users have said.
  13. Think of it as teams being strategic and minimising pre tournament information (tendencies, opening strats, rotations, flag routes, buddy systems) that leaking could be detrimental. Teams should always minimise risk whilst trying to gain advantages over their rivals. As far as practising against your primary opponent/obstacle it's probably better just to scrim other teams and work on traits that can't necessarily be countered (comms, smalltalking, decluttering callouts, morale recovery, play calls etc) and surprise your opponents come tournament time. It occurs in all forms of competition; less predictability and more knowledge of opponents is always ideal, and NV has executed it twice now. The importance of coaches can't be understated enough. The team's mindset would be how much can we gain by scrimmaging this team versus how much will they gain from us? It's probably why NV scrimmed str8 so much: str8 wants to improve, and NV doesn't want to give away too much game knowledge to Liquid/OG, which have proven what they can do to them already on lan. It's also why teamss avoid scrimming one another during pro league weeks when they compete. Hope I helped answer your question.
  14. Here's a list of improvements that have happened since worlds that I remember being said by this community when I lurked this forum during and after hurricane Lxthul. Love the Halo community and I'd like to thank 343/ESL for considering and addressing feedback as it means so much for Halo. Halo channel streaming: check Good storylines: check Settings changes: check More open lans: check Mlg participation post worlds: check Better production: check Proper trophy: check Double elim: check T2: check substantial casting improvements: check better tournament organisation: check social media presence improvements: check multi tournament crowd funding: check team skins: check in stream req codes: check better transparency: check Interviews/analysis: check banter: check crowd mics: check No tiny table: check actual crowds: check Pie bets (I didn't know I wanted this so much): check Good scheduling: check hyped crowds: check Better gameplay/ viewing experience: check Rostermania season: We're just getting started LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO
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