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  1. I just tuned in for the weekend, and I might be the only one watching Liquid play, but do they have a gum sponsorship or something? There's a humorous amount of chewing on the player cams.
  2. Sigh. Too bad about Liquid. I thought they were going places if they would've stuck together.
  3. Any predictions on who's joining Liquid? Also, does anyone know when rosters need to be finalized? I know first events are in about a month or so, but how close to the event can teams make changes?
  4. Hoping Liquid stays together. I know teams love to switch it up in hopes of doing better next time, but Liquid had some great performances this season. I feel that there has to be some benefit of building a squad that sticks together and has good chemistry. Familiarity with your teammates' playstyles, communication, etc. can't be ignored.
  5. I loved that interview clip where all those players named Snakebite the most clutch. Even as an NV fan, I've got to respect his mindset, composure, and ability to make the right plays when it matters (not that I don't respect the rest of optic, they're all great players). Underrated doesn't feel like the right word, but Snakebite definitely deserves more props for what he brings to his team. Plus in all his interviews he seems like a total class act.
  6. Wow that flag drop into the water. There's probably a Team Liquid joke in here somewhere, but I'm not sure what...
  7. If torque had fixed pillars would it be better than Stasis?
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