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  1. Duuuude I miss oddball! I kinda prefer Strongholds over KoTH though, just my opinion.
  2. Keep grinding man! You'll keep improving more and more with time.
  3. I honestly love the whole thruster aspect of the game it makes gun fights more challenging and aquires more skill imo. (Besides spraying with ARs or whatever) & I like the sprint in Halo. Obviously that's not a NEW feature but as much as I loved H2 and 3, I think sprinting add a more exiting element to the game. Oh and clamber just because lol.
  4. Still looking for a team or players to start a team. I'm willing to put in the sleepless nights, time and effort to become a winning team. If you have the same mindset and will stick through the wins and loses then hit me up. I've been playing since H3 and have been competeting since then. Had top teams in GB ladders and now a days I'm an even more of a better, smarter, team player. SERIOUS EXPERIENCED PLAYERS ONLY. I don't mean to come off as a douche but I'm tired of getting messages from people with silver, gold, plats and diamonds in arena with low kds. I'm not trying to create a "clan" I'm trying to create a dominate team. That being said I'm currently diamond 6 because soloing just isn't what it was in H3 and can't seem to find luck with good randoms. But I've been high Onyx (1900-2000+) multiple times when I was running with my old crew. GT: Crosswych
  5. I'm known as Crosswych or Wych (pronounced "Witch" lmao) I'm 22 from MA and I'm looking for teammates that want to run arena, and scrim like a legit team. I've been playing Halo since H3 and have been sitting on the sidelines competitively (besides GBs and a couple failed teams) ever since but now I really want to make an attempt to find a good team put in all the work and then go to events and win. I'm extremely dedicated, competitive and hate to lose. I'm not playing around so put all the blood, sweat, sleepless nights, and time that's needed as long as the teammates are on the same page and are willing to learn and progress throughout the wins and losses. Hit me up if interested. GT: Crosswych
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