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  1. No. Power Weapons are not required for map movement. A good map requires you to move to win. Now I will say Power Weapons can/most likely IMPROVE map movement.
  2. All Halo campaign collection with H2 multiplayer.
  3. Everything Frankie said is correct. Fans think they are entitled to information whenever they want when the aren't. Everything is timing and marketing but y'all don't think about that.
  4. What information do we have about Halo 5 makes you think Scenerio 1 will most likely happen?
  5. 343i can make the perfect Halo game and it will never be at the X games.
  6. Its sad you even had to explain this to people.
  7. The amount of money I am going to spend in the span of 3 months will be unmatched.
  8. You guys are setting yourselves up for disappointment. They have said multiple times " No Halo news until e3"
  9. I've been looking for a reason to finally trade my 360 in for a Xbone. Finally found it.
  10. I had a long reply but I know it wouldn't change your opinion so lets agree to disagree.
  11. someone who would rather ruin someone else's experience instead of trying to get better. Now I will say gamers nowadays are very lazy. IMO laziness do not always mean soft.
  12. So they are "soft" because they do not like to lose repeatly until they get better? Aight cool.
  13. Add Sci Fi elements = Copying Halo. Internet Logic.
  14. What if someone doesn't care if they win or lose and just want to have having playing a game. Do you categorize that person as "soft"?
  15. This sounds like an old man saying "Back in my day..." How can anyone call a group of people soft because they have fun differently than you?
  16. Not going to lie on first glance I thought it was Halo 2 midship too.
  17. So wanting to remove game breaking glitches is moronic?
  18. Less aim and static weapon spawns with no glitches would make the game better.
  19. Poison Pen is hilarious during all the battles.
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