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  1. His only 4v4 wins of late on that list are a couple of online tournaments, and the only LAN 4v4 win is RTX 2014 (Halo 4). I guess that counts?
  2. Dreamhack Pit TS was only 2v2 though. It plays very different to 4v4 which is what UGC will be.
  3. I find it quite funny how even for the levels that don’t have duplicates, you essentially have to back track or repeat a large amount of it. Pillar of Autumn - The Maw Truth and Reconciliation - Keyes Assault on the Control Room - Two Betrayals Silent Cartographer - loop around the island multiple times, go down and back up the command center 343 Guilty Spark - go in and then back out of the compound (it’s own mirrored level) The Library - self explanatory how repetitive it is Halo is the only level that doesn’t really fit the mold. I guess you have to save 4 lots of marines but they are in all different areas.
  4. Can you imagine if they went with a plot like Captain America: Civil War? Master Chief: Captain America Cortana: Winter Soldier Warden: Zemo Locke: Iron Man Arbiter: Black Panther Jul M’dama: Crossbones Blue Team: Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Ant Man, Falcon Fire team Osiris: Black Widow, Iron Patriot, Vision, Spider-Man Then you could have some awesome boss fights which you can control and it also gives meaning for character decisions. 4v4 in a mission between Osiris and Blue Team like Civil Wars airport battle. A Locke v Chief 1v1 at the end where Locke is trying to get Cortana from Chiefs head because she “caused” Locke’s home world to be destroyed by a Guardian. Chief is trying to convince otherwise and save Cortana because she has been manipulated by the Warden, and is the only way to stop the Guardians from wreaking more havoc.
  5. Reminds me of “rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic”. But in this case, the Halo 5 ship is already sinking because it has collided with the Iceberg-sized problem that is Sprint.
  6. Renegades most likely I think. Splyce won’t because they won, Tox won’t because they can still be the best again and the updated settings will probably play in their favour. NV can take games off Splyce consistently and almost knocked out Tox to get to Grand Finals so they are close to top 2. Reciprocity might be changing, but they know that they can play better and are able to beat Tox which is their main goal.
  7. I think the big problem with the lack of any new maps being added is that the Post launch maps failed for one reason. Sight lines across the map. Symmetry is a big part of a good map, but if you can see and shoot cross map from a lot of places, it makes it great competitively. Truth and Coliseum work. Rig and Plaza work although they are asymmetrical. Empire, Regret, and Fathom have symmetry but not a lot of sightlines that’s why they are only used for one game type each. Of the post launch maps, Overgrowth, Riptide, Tyrant, and Molten have almost no cross map sight lines. Torque, Stasis and Mercy have a few, but if you aren’t up high then you are shit out of luck.
  8. Edit: too late2nd edit: http://share.gifyoutube.com/Kr423r.gif
  9. Who’s saying that? Also AR starts haven’t been in the game for a year. Splyce have only won tournaments where there have been no ARs. Did you mess up your sentence?
  10. The full range of emotions on Twitter from Reciprocity after that game. Snipedown: Anger Spartan: Depression Mikwen: Acceptance Penguin: Detachment
  11. Clutch is hilarious. GB Lethal and Wonderboy talking about the most exciting Winners Bracket Rd1 matchup and Clutch just says none of them are exciting. “We know who the top 4 is”. Savage.
  12. You can also see Spartan thrust backwards after hitting the wall. Which means he didn’t use his thrusters during the lunge. I wonder if Spartan jumping at that exact time caused the lunge with no connection just like a sword bounce in Halo 2?
  13. Does anyone know what the largest multikill medal during a LAN event is? Any Halo game, Preferably on-stream/ mainstage. I know there has a been a lot of Overkill Exterrminations, but have there been any Killtaculars or Killtrocitys?
  14. If 3rd place teams in pool play get eliminated that is harsh I think. They should set it up like Champs in 2017: Top 2 in pools go to Champ Bracket 3rd goes straight to Elim Bracket Round 1 (awaiting the losers of Champ rd1) 4th in pool gets immediately eliminated.
  15. Agree I think they would have easily been 5th best team there. Renegades admitted to not practicing and they got 3-0d twice in a row after only just beating Elevate. Because of the Splyce forfeit, Renegades got the easier games and Str8 got bracket fucked. Str8 would have whooped RNG in Elim Round 1. Another thing I noticed, we are still gonna have to wait a while before Mikwen and Snipedown play against Ola/NV. I definitely want to see that storyline.
  16. I was hoping they would go as Counter Logic Optic Gaming, or CLOG for short. I’m happy with the pools, assuming that Pool A winner plays Pool D second place then we will have 1v8, 2v6, 3v7 and 4v5 in the champ bracket 1st round. REC v Renegades then?
  17. Awesome thanks for the responses. I keep wanting to see Breakout in pro games, and with a few setting changes I thought it would work (normal shields/health, no shotgun, one flag ctf, even using it on a symmetrical rarely used map like Tyrant or Stasis) however the crux of the problem is this: Each round can end in a tie. In CS GO and COD, if the terrorists don’t detonate the bomb, they lose the round. Which means they have to make plays. In Halo, if one team loses a few players and are outnumbered, they can just camp by the flag. This stalemates the game and is very boring. Is there any possible setting or game type adjustment that would make Breakout work at all though?
  18. Sorry for being on-topic, but I wasn’t around when the Breakout discussion happened when Halo 5 was released. Can anyone remember why it wasn’t included as a World Champs/pro league game type?
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