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  1. Been a couple years since i even signed into this site but I can't bring myself to play Halo 5 for more than a match at best. And rarely ever feel like even turning it on. My halobox has become a paperweight. I hope Halo 6 gives me the motivation to come back here and be passionate about Halo again. Hope to see y'all in a few months ​
  2. Sick montage. Doesn't matter what team Spartan's on i'll always be a fan.
  3. Honestly amazing man. But consider this my complaint P.S. still catching up on the last ten pages
  4. Would be pretty fuckin awesome to see a couple of Teambeyond guys become staple Halo casters. GL to you guys
  5. eSportsArena to host Halo lans every 4-6 weeks. Pretty cool even with the low prize pools Edit: Maybe he meant just LAN's in general across several games not just Halo idk
  6. Agreed. Halo probably isn't a very safe bet for a new org. Even if its Nadeshot's
  7. Fair enough. I guess i may be the one misunderstanding. Iv'e just always thought that we exiled discussions of radar, ar starts, etc to the H5 discussion. @@NavG123
  8. So if there was a thread titled DragonBall Super Manga discussion you would go in and just start talking about the naruto manga because the word manga was in the title? You're misunderstanding.
  9. I agree with a lot of stuff Naded is saying. It's all pretty much settings discussion though. So not much to talk about here
  10. Pro league intel bomb and dark souls 3 on the same day!
  11. I see you finally got an avatar. Here's a sig so you don't have to post about your love for 2gre everyday anymore. Edit: Shoulda made the face lord Farquad. Mb Also wanna say i don't think 2gre is a god either. But he's definitely top 8 worthy.
  12. Dude that's awesome. Feels nice to have Halo respected that way from an org. And meanwhile on CLG's site.....
  13. Welcome to TB :sunglasses: . And damn that looks just like him lmao
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