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  1. I'm here from the future to tell you not much has changed. Ok I fixed it.
  2. I'm going to step out of the shadows very briefly and just rant a little bit. You have Quinn tweeting that this update is the "results from lots of hard work". Sketch is saying this is in response to "recent feedback". The blog post says "Long-time fans will know that this topic is certainly not new to the world of competitive Halo". What hard work? How is this recent? How is this topic new? It is December 20, 2016. This game came out October 27, 2015. People have been complaining about radar in competitive settings for over a year, and what do you have to show for it? The features that aren't even built yet. Competitive 4v4 Halo has always had no radar until 343 decided Halo 5 needed it. This is classic 343 procedure, and is the exact reason I have stepped away from Halo almost entirely. They always frame their solutions as direct and timely responses to an at-large problem. Except like usual this problem stems from 343's own poor decision making in the first place. Think about it for a second. They are literally patting themselves on the back on Waypoint and on Twitter for essentially not having an immediate solution to a problem they created, and it took them over a year after release for them to give themselves this pat on the back. And to the small minority that say this game plays too crazily with no radar at all, you are also missing the point. Ask yourself why it plays too crazily that way. Wow, surprise: it's because of the slew of movement abilities 343 implemented in Halo 5. Again, a problem they created (and a problem they don't have a proper and immediate solution to).
  3. The newest installment of the Team Beyond HCS Power Rankings is now live!
  4. Purple Reign is the first map of mine to make it into matchmaking :glasses: I've been forging for six years and I've been featured on the front page of MLG, ForgeHub, and in several Waypoint bulletins. But none of that really compares to this. Feels great.
  5. Sure, they beat Liquid two weeks ago but Liquid took a game off of them in that series and then in this past week EG dropped a scrim against them (4-5). EG then went on to draw a scrim against eLevate, who only placed 4th in the Challenger series this past weekend. Also, context is everything. I had EG at #4 last week and dropped them four spots to #8 this week. That's really not that far off from what everyone else did. Both Clicked and Simms dropped them three spots from #2 to #5. I can tell you that I was juggling my #5-8 teams constantly because this week's results were so hectic, but I think it's insane to suggest that me dropping them one more spot compared to two of the other power rankers is hardly worthy calling for a conspiracy. EDIT: I'm also not sure how our power rankings "are a joke every week". To use this week as an example, the only differences between our aggregate power ranking and the community one is nV and Renegades being flipped (which was close in both cases) and E6 and Allegiance being flipped (and many people were critical of Allegiance being ahead of E6 in the community power rankings).
  6. Here are this week's Team Beyond Power Rankings. Lots of variance in our personal rankings given the mixed bag of results this week, but I think the aggregate is pretty solid though.
  7. The bolded is such a self-serving contradiction. Competing is all about showing up and we didn't show up, but we're still better than the team that beat us.
  8. That works both ways though, not just conveniently in your favor.
  9. As someone who has recently gotten into competing and has gone through a couple team changes already as well as just speaking on what I've observed over the years from following the scene, this is my perspective: Before a team change, the team's quality of play is affected by the general dissatisfaction of the current team situation. After you make the team change, you're relieved and generally excited at the prospect of playing with this "more ideal" roster. Your attitude and approach is just fresher and better when you play with your new team, and the results reflect that. Then after a while you start seeing some cracks in the armor and the excitement wears off, your mind tends to wander, and then the dissatisfaction grows and then the cycle repeats.
  10. Just a heads up, eLevate scrimmed nV last night and lost 3-4. Their fourth was Falcated again.
  11. I'm not sure how many times I will have to clarify this, but the power rankings absolutely 100% do not "only look within the scope of a week". I'll repeat myself for emphasis: the power rankings don't look at performances week by week in a vacuum. Quite frankly, that would be absolutely insane and outright pretty worthless. Just like in power rankings of sports, there is a sense of persistence (the Warriors weren't considered a middle-of-the-lack team after losing to the Lakers, CLG wouldn't immediately drop if they suddenly started losing a scrim or two) and a respect to general trends (the Bengals struggle a ton in primetime, Elumnite raises the general performance of the team he coaches(. Think of the power rankings like this: how would teams perform if a LAN event sprouted out of the ground at the end of the power ranking period. Last week, some of us (myself and Infinity) think the lack of practice on Allegiance's end the past two weeks was more detrimental then the overall trend of some of those members to completely dominate on LAN. Others (Clicked and Simms) remain optimistic of their capabilities despite the recent lack of practice. This is how power rankings have always worked. "Given each team's recent performance, how would teams do if the playoffs started today".
  12. Yea I just realized that. I edited in the second sentence after realizing ALG lost to an unranked team. Let me fix it.
  13. Fun fact: If you reference the most recent power rankings, there has been one instance this week of a team beating a team ranked higher than them / losing to a team ranked lower than them. That one instance: #7 Allegiance lost to unranked eLevate.
  14. What if I told you that you could kill a meme before it had a chance to leave the nest? ESPN 30 for 30 presents Moa's Memes
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