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  1. Hype! I can't wait! Good Luck to you guys tomorrow and hope you bring home the Trophy!
  2. That's so frustrating! So many Loop Holes. I remember Cratos getting into a twitter beef with the rule manager from ESL saying that he would eat his own words and now they are pulling for him. Allowing these kind of shenanigans to run free in this League.
  3. Going with Huke, Royal 2, LxThul and Ace!
  4. It's more of a 50/50 Powerup. The Chances of getting a kill and dying or close rather than having a power up or power weapon. Beta testing would be interesting
  5. I think 343 is just attempting to see what the best response will be. I think they will do what is right/what the people want. They just need to see if they can implement it correctly. They can't just change it mid-season, IMO, keep it until the end of the season/championship is over. Then from Season 3 and beyond need to go No Radar.
  6. Since the Rise of Iron, I play it pretty consistently, but now I am just waiting to complete the Hard Mode and then Hard Mode Challenge Mode.
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