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  1. I hope 343 is smart enough to realize the difference between indifference and love where balancing is concerned. The halo community as a whole--I think--can safely be described as loving the overall art direction, reduced focus on Spartan abilities, and increased focus on new and/or interesting sandbox elements. And I think the more casual fans would still have been equally ecstatic about the flights if the BR had a faster ttk, if the sidekick was a 6-shot kill with an 18 round mag, if the AR had no headshot modifier, and bloom didn't exist for single fire weapons. The problem is 343 released the preview with this bad balance. So now the casual community, which wouldn't know better otherwise, is horrified of any changes to what they perceive as good at the surface level. And 343 has to be one of the most reactionary and visionless developers in the business, so they are likely horrified to incur the wrath of reddit. I hope that's not the case. The casual fans that care more about the aesthetic and the battle pass progression aren't going to quit the game because it's properly balanced. They might do a tantrum, but to them the gameplay loop is secondary to the feelings the maps evoke and how hard or easy it is to get the new skin as long as they feel like they aren't losing too much. That being said I'm all for AR starts and Precision starts as long as there are enough avenues for both groups of players. But 343's biggest flaw (one of at least) through every single title is their inability to cater to multiple groups. Halo 5 at launch was all ranked and had no BTB and barely any gametypes. Casual fans charge H5 for being too competitively focused even though it didn't really cater to anyone well. Now it seem 343 is making an overcorrection. Which is stupid. If MCC should have taught 343 anything its that you should just give the power to the individual players. Let us decide if we want to queue for precision or auto or objective or slayer. It's really the easiest design decision if you aren't going to try and make a universally common loadout like they attempted with H5. All I need 343 to come out and say definitively is: BR starts are in the game day one and they are not exclusive to HCS. If they aren't going to do a match composer I don't see why they can't at least have Ranked BTB with BR starts or Team Slayer. If they are going to follow the route of H3 with AR/Pistol starts at least learn from H3 and have dedicated options for those that prefer the BR. To be clear I'm not particularly a fan of the BR, but at least to know we have that ground to work from--to know I have somewhere to play and something to give balance feedback on beyond a pistol that is destined to be a "sidekick" is at least something to start with.
  2. I guess technically we still don't know that there won't be BR playlists outside of HCS or whatever. Really there is no reason not to have them when they've already invented the match composer. So if they don't exist we know they are not only questionable in their philosophy but actively, intentionally rebuffing the part of the community that would like a precision starting weapon.
  3. Forgive me if this was already posted.
  4. Just here to pile on. Behemoth Slayer really magnifies everything wrong with this game's design. No way to defend against ranged attacks off spawn is terrible on an atrium map like Recharge let alone Relic 2.0. Add to that double skewer. I can't even--did they only test these scenarios in bot matches? And why completely redesign vehicle physics? Is it a bug? Why do the wheels seem attracted to the ground? It must be a bug right? And even on a map this size they don't include rockets, snipe, and both powerups? "Well the other team as both skewers, guess we can hide now." The warthog is virtually untouchable--as in not worth getting in, even without ranged starts. Like seriously I can't even imagine having two Skewers on an 8v8 map--let alone a 4v4 with only one Warthog. I'm really at a loss. It seems like BTB will be AR/Sidekick too, and I just can't even phantom it. My only hope for this game is BR starts and I'm not even much of a BR fan. Maybe since they are making BTB their headline mode it'll have a ranked BR variant. If not, I don't even really see myself enjoying this game at a casual level for very long--and even then they'd have to fix vehicle physics. Did I mention two Skewers? Like seriously maps like Zanzibar/Last Resort were fun because the absolute abundance of options--snipe, shotty, camo, rockets, etc. 343's version: skewer or get skewered--oh and by the way you spawn with cqc weapons, lol.
  5. To be fair the Bungie Halo's refered to it as a "motion tracker" which is truer to its function than "radar." However that's not really true for "combat sensor" since it also tracks Sprint. I hope instead of bringing back radar as we know it they fully commit to their naming convention and make it exclusively show opponents who are using weapons.
  6. Oh no, by all means call out jank. What I mean is why DEFEND it?
  7. Why would we want any one company to monopolize the industry? Choosing a horse in a race between valve, epic, etc. is some of the dorkiest shit I've ever heard.
  8. I'd rather get overdone classic remakes than H5 style variants. Sure a bunch of original maps would obviously be great but I think the live service thing will end up giving us some sort of lower effort solution eventually (and eventually might still end up being before forge releases).
  9. So we know from the tech preview that bots were done at least 3 months prior to release. And I know that different teams work on different features, but still a year(s) ago, someone at the top of 343 made an entirely new halo feature a priority over one of the basic features of H:CE. And obviously we are getting a completely new microtransaction and customization system at launch. What happens when Battle Royale launches before co-op? What other classic gametypes won't we have--just like halo 5? Except in Halo 5 forgers were able to implement their own one-flag and other such things even though the customization settings just didn't exist. But now there won't be forge, so the community won't even be able to make up for 343's mistakes. After Halo 5 I was genuinely excited for a new take on the Halo Campaign. But I don't care when the release date is, I'm not buying the game until it has core features. I felt the same way about Halo 5 and splitscreen. Hopefully they release this thing half baked and sales suffer and the community flips out. It's really the best case scenario at this point. But if 343 and microsoft can't learn after MCC, then obviously they can't learn--full stop.
  10. If I were 343, I'd release the FTP multiplayer in their planned launch window, but delay the entire campaign until co-op was ready. That's what they'd do if they had integrity, but they want the sales figures from the whole title launching at once and you know they aren't going to delay the battle pass.
  11. Shekkles used that phrase to mean "a low effort second chance at something you failed at" and that's clear from the context of his post. No one else has used the phrase recently. So is that true or false? Does clamber give you a second chance to make a jump without being punished to the point of having to reroute or reattempt? Is it easier to just press a button than do either of those things? Maybe I can see an argument for poor phrasing, but the argument itself is valid--unless everything I've said here is false. And in that case I'm happy to actually hear an argument otherwise instead of whatever you call the posts you are doing. When you hold yourself to a lower standard than those you discuss things with, what should I call that? I don't want to be called out for bad phrasing.
  12. I still don't understand why anyone should have to. Like Boyo said about breaking down gameplay, I could go through all the problems I have with Halo 5 maps as we all where classic maps would be hurt by clamber but what would be the point? Who are you to be the ultimate judge of how valid posts are on this forum? You can +1 me all day or -1. I could care less about internet points from someone who lacks sincerity. Keep brushing off posts as scrubposting and demanding proof like the rest of us are on trial at farpoint, Q. All you are doing is showing you lack respect for people. Sooner or later people won't play the charade.
  13. All I ever think about with clamber is the awkward ladder of jumps from bottom mid to top mid of Coliseum in H5. Sure just because clamber is in the game it doesn't force the dev to make terrible design decisions based around the mechanic--but they do--so what's it matter if theoretically they might not have to. Like jetpacks gave us Swordbase. They can't help themselves. So mechanics that could just be mildly irritating and noob friendly end up having drastic effects on how maps are designed. And maybe you love Coliseum too, or you just want to brush it off as, "no big deal--get over it." But if that's your attitude tell me why I should even care to indulge you.
  14. Asking for what people don't like about clamber besides its lack of skill as if people aren't actively already having that conversation is disingenuous. Now you know. In my experience people on forums are happy to help people that need it. So I want to do my part. I hope this advice on social tact gets you further in life.
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