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  1. It seems to me the general consensus on the forum was flabbergast when 343 decided to increase assist after the flights. I think most here would happily return to the flight values. The things bad about the sniper are the ROF and the unscoped spread. Some have mentioned the unnecessarily deep zoom. Haven't seen many complain about it's general difficulty.
  2. You don't see how the BR is contributing to this?
  3. I think there is ALWAYS fallout at 343.
  4. Because they think infinite is trash? Or because they are filthy casuals? Either way I agree you have to be careful with that kind of talk. It could easily become: only the top 32 teams should have influence on ranked settings. And then you know you'd have a majority defending the status quo 90% of the time. I do miss when pros and devs were more active on this forum though. But even then sprint was still in H4 throwdown settings, so I don't know how much good it did. And then 343 followed up with Spartan Abilities, so I don't know how the exchange of ideas with the devs and pros was ever fruitful. I wish the pro teams weren't so silent after leaving 343. I'm sure they have an NDA. Would just love to be a fly on the wall in those testing sessions. Sorry I sorta trailed off there...
  5. Yes. I agree the sword is a problem. It seems smarter to address the point head on rather than discuss hypothetical nukes when things don't need to be nearly as severe as that to be damaging to the game. A sword by any other name is still a sword. And I do agree with you that it is disingenuous to not address the elephants in the room, whether it be the weak BR or advanced movement or the problematic weapons we've grown accustom to. I'd love to hear your argument for a Halo without timed weapon spawns. To me that seems essential to the series. My ideal for Halo would be one where slayer is so competitive and the pickups are enough of an objective that it's the only gametype the game would require competitively.
  6. Haha! Spoiler: the fix we've all been waiting for is making the Mangler the ranked secondary! How did we not think of this!?
  7. Multi, if Swords spawned at the frequency and locations the Mangler does, it would be certainly be a problem. Those things absolutely matter in Halo. If the Sword isn't a problem as is, neither is a one shot beatdown. If the Sword is part of the problems we are trying to solve, the nuke argument skirts the actual issue. Especially because in trivializes timed weapon pick-ups which have always been a part of Halo. But to your main point. Yes. Sprint and advanced movement don't belong in Halo. And the Melee lunge is also a significant problem. But I don't think the Melee damage of the Mangler need be reduced. Does changing the Mangler trim at the branches instead of uprooting the issue? Absolutely. But sprint has now been in as many Halos as it hasn't so the argument seems futile at this point. In conclusion: yeah just nerf the melee lunge. It solves a game wide issue rather than just one part. I agree.
  8. The only people left playing are the masochists who are desperate for their 3v4 BTB lobbies to see their $20 skins.
  9. I don't know. Say a more difficult CE pistol that took 6 body shots to kill, but still it's regular 3 optimally. I don't see any reason why that gun couldn't have 6 optimal kills per mag. It's not a hill I'm going to die on. I just don't see why the utility would need to be so strictly limited.
  10. For a utility weapon? At the very least 3 perfect kills. 4 would be good. Something like 6 or 8 would even be fine with me depending of the difficulty of the weapon.
  11. He wants to be able to see everyone, but not reliably shoot anyone. Blood Gulch with the H3 BR is his ideal.
  12. I agree that the switch times are often too slow--especially in infinite. And I agree that making the Mangler tier 2 essentially solves the problem anyway. But I'd rather speed up swap times across the board than have weapon dropping as a work around. You're right that it likely doesn't need to be "hold to drop" or whatever the solution would be. But if weapon swap times need fixed, I'd rather fix them then rely on another mechanic to make up for the issue. I'd at the very least test increasing drop times before nerfing any weapon. But you're right to say we need prioritize decreased swap times.
  13. If the Mangler is a 2 tap melee and a 4sk, what benefit does it have over a BR? The Mangler doesn't need a nerf. Melee lunge needs a nerf. Weapon dropping needs a nerf. (Oh and the BR sucks)
  14. Maybe the Stalker Ultra from the campaign. It wouldn't be M6D good, but it might be better than most other precision starts we've had. But the default stalker fires too slow, has too shallow a clip (battery?), and has an intrusively deep double zoom. It's also only one additional shot for a body shot kill.
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