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  1. Mlg adds twitch to its own website automatically just take the top number from their website and add YouTube and also Facebook which is doing well. Also surprisingly you can watch the stream in the game which is super cool.
  2. Sure. I just want the fact that some of the viewership numbers being displayed to the public by MLG are false (or maybe I am just overthinking and not seeing the obvious answer. if anyone has the answer then pm me @@Clap )
  3. Double XP I don't think so, but I think it's always has the little gold featured star next to it, but I may be wrong.
  4. Then all 6 of the MLG.tv streams would have the exact same viewership,if they take all the numbers combined, and the numbers are not the same. And if MLG is taking the Twitch alpha stream numbers which is about 20k and adding it to another stream on another site ,which is not streaming the exact same thing,to boost overall numbers. Then that is BS and they should stop. Edit. @@CyReN. Sorry for clogging up the forums.
  5. Not sure if you read my whole post but I stated that 200 viewers on German twitch stream. So by that logic 27,800 viewers are watching on German MLG.TV and no one is typing in chat. That's a a bit far fetched. Edit. And this would go for all 4 language streams.
  6. The alpha stream numbers might be correct, although I'm not convinced. The German stream on MLG.tv claims to have 28,000 and zero chat interaction While twitch German claims 200 viewers. Doesn't seem right. Been like that for 3 days.
  7. Who do I talk to to get the HCS streamed on MLG.tv instead of twitch? Cause CWL has 180k combined viewers on MLG and only 30k twitch. Either MLG.tv is the greatest streaming service ever or the numbers are fake.
  8. @@Clap the main stream is 720 60 today. Will it be 1080 for champ bracket?
  9. Sorry dude but I'm 90% sure that Halo will be on twitter only on Sunday. ComicCon stuff is being broadcast
  10. Some pls bring a life size Spooky Booty Banger to ATL and give it to Lxthul.
  11. How you gonna do Wonderboy and Simms like that. EU>NAAlso T2 is probably coaching Str8.
  12. The Atria tournament has around 850 viewers on mixer and 130 of twitch. Mixer master race?????
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