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  1. Ryanoob was saying that going into Infinite that he made the decision to not scrim SEN because they "were late to every single scrim they tried to set up with them". Don't really know how much of this or the Spartan stuff weighs into the decision.
  2. That Halo clip in the background was from 2016 NA Regionals and not HWC 2017. So it had current Optic members maniac and flamesword and not the last iteration of Optic Halo. I remember seeing they had a halo clip playing in the background and thought it was very strange.
  3. Same with me. Pretty sure I’ve used my on frosty for a decent amount of the months I’ve had it.
  4. People were literally saying these exact same things when CLG/Optic won their world titles. "Optic is winning because of ARs and radar", and when they win they look like they don't care or don't realise they won 500k/1 Mil, or the trash talk during the listen-in of the Plaza SH in the 2016 finals. Or when NV won Daytona it was the whole thing of "looks like Optic are missing their ARs" It's just very weird to see this team of 4, who dominated the first 2 years of Halo 5, be beaten by another team 4-0 or 4-1 consistently.
  5. Splyce outslayed TOX by 18 kills over 13 games this weekend
  6. They always seems to be covered the least out of all teams. It could be because they (members of the team) weren’t comfortable on camera or the fact that none of them were at the house for long stretches of time. Still was weird to me that they win DH Denver and it can’t get a 1 minute spotlight in Vision. Also seemed odd that in Optics statement that they said they were leaving halo when Snakebite said they couldn’t agree to a deal. Also the fact that they didn’t mention any of the players by name in their farewell. Just thanked the players for their accomplishments.
  7. "Hecz mentions the Halo team in his interview we recorded last night. We weren't aware of this decision. Most likely going to keep it in and then cover the departure of Halo the following week. Still thinking of the best way to go about it" Hitch's reply to a reddit post on halo content in the next vision https://www.reddit.com/r/OpTicGaming/comments/82x1co/misc_daily_discussion_and_match_thread_hub_march/dvejkfh/
  8. This Optic/CLG roster has made the finals of every tournament they've attended and have never lost back to back tournaments to the same team. Give them the respect they've earned.
  9. Turn off the “instant on” setting for your Xbox. This will fully power down or “hard reset” your box every time instead of it just being in rest mode which texhnically leaves it on. Left my box on one time for a few hours to download a game. Played the opening cutscene in the game and it was lagging and stuttering really bad. Hard reset the system and that same cutscene was perfect the second time.
  10. Frosty 2-for-1 in Game 5 https://clips.twitch.tv/StrangeFaithfulHumanArsonNoSexy
  11. The whole situation with Dr Disrespect and him not streaming currently has greatly benefited Ninja
  12. Larsson’s Twitter bio says he is the “Former President/Director of Millenial Esports Corp.”
  13. So INF/ST8 (mid-series) is being moved to main stage while OG/TL (for Top 3) is being moved to a side station?
  14. This happens on PlayStation as well from time to time. Paused a download of Batman Arkham knight once and the game would go black after the opening QTE. Had to redownload the entire game for it to work properly.
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