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  1. So I re-downloaded H5 after these recent announcements got me hyped. Why is PG matchmaking so aids ?
  2. Im all for transparency but what difference does it make knowing the finer details of req pack funding ? Genuine question.
  3. Yeah its called "the wheel of fortune" technique, take a spin and hope you hit.
  4. I feel you, I deleted the game picked up where I left off with Battlefield 1 and Uncharted 4 and my sanity and blood pressure are now greatly improved.
  5. Its a shame H3A isnt happening, could only imagine how good that would look on the scorpio, would have been an amazing showcase for the system.
  6. Wonder if there will be a trade in program for old xbox's and/or a bare bones purchase option ? litterally just the console, a power cable and HDMI lead no controller or headset etc, seem to remember them announcing a while ago all accessories would be forward compatible, could be a way to keep retail costs down. Im definitely interested, my xbox gets far more use than my PS4 slim and I have a 4K tv ready to go.
  7. Personally I think the major difference between the Coalition and 343 is Rod Fergusson, theres no one to my mind at 343 whos been as involved as Fergusson has with the franchise and its development since the first Gears, couldnt ask for a better guy to take the franchise forward.
  8. Tbh I would rather 343 be put on a new IP. I think they are holding Halo back, and inturn I think Halo is holding them back from making the game they want to make, its not a good fit at all and its why the direction has constantly been at odds with a large portion of the fanbase and various communities. They could still be overseers of the franchise and its overall direction, any spin offs and lore but just outsource mainline Halos to a more competent developer or one that can give us and wants to make, an actual Halo game.
  9. I find myself playing older games through GWG that I missed after falling off gaming for a time last gen more and more. XBOX really needs to up their game Playstation is killing it so far this year in terms of exclusives.
  10. Watched a bit of Aces stream, found the no AR starts and the massive drop off in auto battles to vastly improve the gameplay from a viewer perspective.
  11. The guys who did this are fucking heroes in my eyes. So did 343 know about it and just ignore it, couldnt fix it, or thought it was fine as is ? We will never know
  12. Not surprising the pros are going back to streaming MCC, H5 is stale as fuck right now, we all know the changes that are needed but then theres the map selection on top of that, no real or worthy new additions to team arena in a year and a half, its laughable. Get a grip 343
  13. Takes me back to the Mario kart and Micro Machines turbo days with my bro
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