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  1. Hello, I'm having a LAN party next weekend and one of the games we're playing is Reach (I know...). I'm hoping you could recommend casual custom maps and gametypes that would be fun to play in a LAN environment. There would be a total of 8 players with varying levels of skill. Some have never played Halo and some have played it a lot. So the gametype/map should be fun for total noobs as well. At least one gametype I thought of is Grifball. Any others? Thank you.
  2. The custom made VGA cable is definitely the way to go for best quality and least input lag. For screens, PC monitors with VGA connections are ideal. They usually have very little lag with the necessary upscaling. TVs very often have considerable lag when not used with their native resolution. What about using an Xbox 360? I have an RGH modded 360 that can run the NHE and the 360 naturally supports HDMI. Is the emulated H1 on 360 inferior? Slowdowns or other issues? The NHE single player mode seems to work ok.
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